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  • The Racing Twenties Essays

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    Currently, the highest achievement for any race-car driver is the Triple Crown, which is a term applied to winning the Indianapolis 500, 24 Hours of Le Mans, and the Monaco Grand Prix. The Indy 500 was already active when 1920 rolled around, and the latter two held their first races in the same decade. Known as the International 500-Mile Sweepstakes in 1920, the Indy 500 had already been running for 9 years. It had become a popular pastime, and had an attendance of 85,000 [FACT CHECK]

  • Sports And Religion : A Important Modern Day Relationship

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    Sports and religion share a very important modern day relationship. Some would say it is a positive one, while others would say otherwise. With sports being such a huge part of our modern day culture it seems only natural that religion would also play a huge role in sports. It has always gone hand in hand in my family. We get up on Sunday, go to church and then come home and watch the Colts, when it’s football season of course. I always correlated my Sundays to consist of religion and sports, so

  • Marketing Strategy For Indycar : An Open Wheel Racing Sport Based On America.with Auto Racing

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    2) Executive Summary 2.1) Synopsis Our case analysis looks in depth at IndyCar which is an open-wheel racing sport based in America.With auto racing becoming more popular in the U.S. IndyCar is trying to compete with its top rival NASCAR in hopes of regaining fans and finding new sponsors to help keep IndyCar as a leader in the motorsports market. This analysis will take a deeper look at IndyCar’s internal and external environments as well as their customer environment and a complete SWOT

  • Descriptive Essay On My Dream Car

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    Whether it’s a lifted truck running a hemi or a suped up WRX, your dream car embodies what you desire, the life you’d like to live, and the kind of person you’d like to be. Your real car embodies what you have, the life you live, and the kind of person you are. The search for your dream car entails spending months combing over different makes and models of car, seeing which has the most horsepower, the fastest, the best for mudding or the best for racing. Pondering what it would be like to own

  • Informative Speech On Sprint Car Racing

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    Hi, my name is Keith Vrbas. I have been around sprint car racing my whole life. From helping friends work on their cars to driving my own car, I have been really involved in this sport for the last three years. I have always enjoyed it and I believe it is the most exciting and challenging type of racing. I will be giving an informative speech on sprint car racing. I will explain what a sprint car is, how it is raced, the basic parts of a car, how it operates. Sprint cars are know to be the fastest

  • How Did Indiana Become A State

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    Corydon. Then Tecumseh’s war came in. The war started on November 7, 1811 and ended on October 5, 1813. It was the Shawnee tribe against the United States Army. Indiana became a state in 1816 as the 19th state and in 1825 the capitol was moved to Indianapolis from Corydon. Indiana became a state after many wars. Indiana got its name because Indiana means the “land of the Indians”. Some things that changed Indiana for the better was the “New Purchase” and when Indiana and Illinois joined together. The

  • A Short Story : The Story Of The'snail '

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    There was once a snail named Gus and the dream he had was to Become the world's first indianapolis snail racer. Gus was a normal garden snail who lived In a tomato garden with his brother Juan and his friends. Everyday Gus would time himself on how long it would take it him to get from one side of the garden to the other. One day Gus woke up and went straight to one side of the garden to time himself how long it would take him to other side. Gus is half way through the garden and his brother

  • Main Styles Of Racing That Have Affected The American Culture

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    Four Main Styles of Racing that have Affected the American Culture: A Review of Some Related Stories, Articles and Literature Tammy Smithers Popular Culture 394, 001-2015-030 Professor J. Chowning April 29, 2015 America has been fascinated with racing since the 1800’s and there are so many types of auto racing in America and each one is unique. Automobile racing is a competition race between cars and drivers. Even the first motor race between steam engines took place

  • Indiana Essay

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    Indiana is a Midwestern state known for its farmland. We have ten major cities in Indiana they are Indianapolis, Fort Wayne ,Evansville, South Bend, Carmel, Bloomington, Hammond, Gary, Lafayette and Columbus.Indiana is predominantly rural areas there are are some large cities.Since we mostly rural state,we have to depend on other things.Indiana’s major industries are manufacturing, agriculture,mining and services industries. Car and car parts were the number one exported product for years , the pharmaceutical

  • Development Of The Metropolitan Or Urban University Essay

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    having fewer institutions with a higher quality. As I young institution, only forty-seven years old, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) has and is continuing to go through growth and establishing an identity as a regional campus. For this paper I will focus on Housing and Residence Life at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis, and how it has grown since its inception. strategic management within the Division of Student Affairs, is the ongoing development of on-campus