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  • Why Is The Fall Of Democracy In Aziile And Brazil

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    Why is the economy of Brazil extremely unstable when compared to that of Chile, even though the two countries had very similar transitions to democracy? I will also examine whether there was a drastic change in the economic policies of the government before and after democratization. Chile and Brazil faced struggles while shifting from a dictatorship to a democracy. They faced a host of social and economic issues, including corruption, inflation and internal political dispute, but Chile emerged as

  • Dilma Rousseff's Operation Car Wash Scandal

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    Congress so they would back Brazil’s government in important votes. The trail was concluded in 2012, and the Supreme Court had 25 politicians, bankers and businessmen men convicted. Some of these workers were top members of the Workers’ Party like Jose Direcu, Jose Genino, and Henrique

  • The Road by Cormac McCarthy and Blindness by Jose Saramago Essay

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    In all cultures, there are people struggling for survival. Some are starving, some are living in sheer poverty, some are thrown into slavery and some just cannot get their footing; but in all of these situations there seems to be a common theme that presents itself over and over again. Many of these people become so desperate to live they will give up their morals and give in to whatever they can to get by. Occasionally, there is one person stronger than the rest, one able to hold onto their morals

  • Essay on Jose Saramago's Blindness

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    When defining the word blindness, it can be interpreted in various ways. Either it can be explained as sightless, or it can be carefully deciphered as having a more complex in-depth analysis. In the novel Blindness, Jose Saramago depicts and demonstrates how in an instant your right to see can be taken in an instant. However, in this novel, blindness is metaphorically related to ‘seeing’ the truth beyond our own bias opinions. Saramago’s novel clearly illustrates themes that describe the importance

  • Socrates' Analogy of the Cave Essay

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    At the beginning of Book Seven, in an attempt to better describe the education of the philosopher Socrates begins to set up an analogy with an ascent and descent into “the cave”. In Socrates’ cave analogy there was a group of people who were from childhood held in a dimly lit underground cave. The people were kept there in bonds that were designed to allow them to only what was in front of them by depriving them of the ability to turn their heads around. Also present in Socrates’ cave was a certain

  • Nuestra America: José Martí Essays

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    prisa para conocerse, como quienes van a pelear juntos. Los que enseñan los puños, como hermanos celosos, que quieren la misma tierra, o el de casa chica, que le tiene envidia al de la casa mejor, han de encajar, de modo que sean una, las dos manos.” José Martí enero de 1891 “Nuestra América” expresa como Hispanoamérica debe de empezar de liberarse de los gobernantes de otros países, como los europeos o estadunidenses. Martí nos da a entender que américa latina TIENE que empezar a luchar por sí misma

  • My hero is the Professional Foodball Manager, Jose Mourinho Essays

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    My hero is Jose Mourinho. Jose Mourinho is a professional football manager with worldwide recognition over the world. Many people refer Jose Mourinho as one of the most successful manager in the modern era. He is respected by other managers and rivals. Pep Guardiola, another great manager and Jose’s rival when he coached Real Madrid once told media that Jose Mourinho do not even have to win the game to become the greatest manager (ESPNsoccernet staff, 2011). Mourinho notably known as manager who

  • Memory Lane : A Fictional Narrative : Memory Lane

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    Memory Lane Fictional Narrative One day, specifically September 23, 2015, Mason was just driving around looking for a way to pass time. On his way, he noticed a sign that lead into a cave that looked suspicious and the sign said, “Memory Lane.” Mason decided to go into the suspicious looking cave and take a look around. Once he entered the cave about fifteen feet in, the walls started to glow and light up with many colors and he thought, “What is going on here?” As Mason looked at the walls

  • My Careers : A Career As A Career

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    majoring in psychology and will be attending San Jose State University for my degree. In my senior year, I was able to attend a psychology course as part of an elective. I got bored of it the first few weeks because there was too much science and scientific terms. I wanted the class to be more realistic where we pretend to be psychologists and help patients with psychological problems. Towards the end of my Senior year, I filled out an application to San Jose State University. However, I did not hit

  • Retraction Controversy Of Rizal

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    certificate, he was not able to present anything. It was impossible for the marriage to be the reason of retraction because there was no marriage certificate found. There was no certificate that legalizes the marriage between Josephine Bracken and Jose Rizal. Rizal was not buried with a good standing. Rizal’s body was buried ten months after his death. He was also buried without a coffin in a cemetery for Anti-Catholic Church. He should have been buried properly if ever he was converted back to