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  • Maine Mall Observation

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    On Saturday, November 14th of 2015 I visited the Maine Mall from around 2:50 pm to 4:30 pm to make observations of adolescents from another culture. I chose to visit the Maine Mall because it is a place where adolescents frequently visit to socialize with friends in a public place. The place that seemed most obvious to observe was clearly the food court. The food court gathers people of all ethnicities and ages to sit down and be themselves while enjoying a meal. I found a comfortable table on the

  • My Observations At The Pacific Center Mall Essay

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    Introduction: The mall is commonly known as a social hub where people of all ages can go to meet friends, go shopping, enjoy a meal, or simply relax. With this in mind, it was the perfect spot to observe, record, and analysis any cultural norms. For this observational report, I conducted my observations at the Pacific Centre Mall on Saturday October 8th, 2016 from 1:30 pm to 4:30pm. Since it was a Saturday just after lunch time, I assumed it was going to be busy and crowded. When I arrived

  • My Observation: Queens Center Mall

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    The place that I observed is inside Queens Center Mall, a mall that most people go to shop or to hangout. The mall is located on 92nd Street and 57th Avenue. Although the mall is split into two parts, JCpenney and Macy’s, it still consist everything necessarily to make the place a fun and exciting outlet for people to walk around. Between the two malls, there is a bridge that people could walk on to get to the other side of the mall. In that bridge, there are all sorts of rest areas for people to

  • My Observation At The Mall Center Mall

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    For my observation, I decided to go the Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, Florida to observe the advertisements that are present in our community. I went to the mall to conduct research because I need to make a purchase for a vacation, so I thought this was the perfect place to go. Each store I walked into, there were advertisements for instant savings, but the further I walked into any store, the prices climbed higher. Truthfully, I was shocked by the amount of people who did not care that they

  • First Component Of My Observation Assignment

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    18, 2017, I began the first component of my observation assignment. In contemplating where I was to do my observation, I wanted to find a location with a lot of people, a location that was indoors, and a location that would provide me with a wide point of observation that would allow me to peacefully and conspicuously observe people while taking notes in my notebook. As a result, I decided on the second floor above the lounge area in the Santa Anita mall, located in Arcadia, CA, on a Saturday afternoon

  • Personal Statement : Hmv Store

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    Cover Research Bias For this observation assignment I positioned myself directly outside the HMV store in Woodgrove Mall. I set myself in the mall food court which allowed for a clear view of 75% of the store. I have a good view of the front half and the point of sale system, but a large poster obscures a large area of the left side of the store. I personally rarely shop at HMV, as I purchase my entertainment digitally or stream it from online sources. Recently HMV has moved into

  • Techniques Used For Gather Data

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    techniques used to gather data in sociology. For this study, we are utilizing techniques of observation, this was done by going out somewhere, like a mall, and watching what the people around you are doing and the activities that are taking place. My observations took place at the Steeplegate Mall in Concord New Hampshire on a Friday in mid-April around four o’clock. I was shocked by what I saw, the mall was no longer as active as it was when I use to go while I was in middle and high school. Our

  • Observing Adolescents Through Adolescent Males And Females

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    crush, the first kiss? Wasn’t it the best? Don’t you wish you could go back? I don’t. Like most people I hated adolescence it was a strange and confusing time. Looking back at my adolescents I sometimes wonder why I acted the way I did. During this observation I couldn’t help but think “ I really hope I wasn 't this bad back then,” but lets face it I probably was. Introduction My group observed adolescents, we were looking for variations in behavior between males and females. We theorized that in

  • Direct Observation Paper

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    For my direct observation paper, I decided to write about the Social Learning Theory, proposed by Albert Bandura. This theory asserts that learning is a cognitive process that takes place in a social context and can occur purely through observation or direct instruction, even in the absence of motor reproduction or direct reinforcement. I observed two young, caucasian boys at a shopping mall. The purpose of this paper is to use the course material from my PSY 335 course and applicate it to the real

  • An Ethnographic Study On Individuals And Groups

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    I normally choose not to hold conversations with other people even though I am closed and confined quarters for long periods of time. Therefore, I wanted to observe if people interact more with their devices than with each other. Prior to my observations, I assumed that crosstalk is limited, and that technologies result in social isolation. I believed that the airport was a good place to conduct my study because it is a semi-public sphere that has frequent foot traffic. My hypothesis is that devices