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  • Metadata Quality : Importance, Standards, Assessment, And Challenges

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    Metadata Quality: Importance, Standards, Assessment, and Challenges Metadata is a vital aspect of information organization today. Without quality metadata, the worth of collections is diminished and the ability for records to be used is non-existent (Park & Tosaka, 2010). Thus, metadata is the cornerstone of library systems, and it is imperative for academic research. Further, if standards for metadata are not established, there is no agreed upon quality, making interoperability of records impossible

  • Madagascar, Africa, By Madagascar

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    decline in foreign investors, it discouraged private sector development, and discredited the governments trustworthiness. This country is based on natural resource extraction and economies like this or much more prone to kleptocracy. When the president Marc Ravalomanana came to in 2002 he pushed for economic reform and tried to bring foreign investors back to the country while also keeping natural resource extraction an important role in building the economy. These efforts received much praise from foreign

  • Netscape Analysis Report Essay

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    Corporation, originally named Mosaic Communications Corporation (MCOM) was founded in April 1994 by Jim Clark and Marc Andreessen. They released their first browser products free to Internet users in September 1994. Jim Clark is chairman of Netscape Communications Corporation. Before founding the company, Clark was the chairman of Silicon Graphics, a computer hardware manufacturer he founded in 1982. Marc Andreessen is vice president of technology for Netscape Communications. He helped develop the original

  • Technology And Technology

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    With technology in the palm of our hands, why should we sit down and listen to boring reporters talk about an uninteresting topic that would not impact one’s life? As technology advances further convenience and opportunity for many are provided in the American society, however, more issues are developing as shown from Trump’s decision to end DACA known as the “Dreamers” while technology is becoming more complex. Generation Z, recognized for their technology involvement, has the ability to make a

  • Salesforce Essay

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    business model and resounding success. This company provides CRM solutions in the form of 'software-as-a-service' leased over the Internet, as opposed to software bought and installed on machines locally. It was founded in 1999 by former Oracle executive Marc Benioff, and has since grown to 2,600 employees and earned $748 million in revenue in 2007. has over 43,000 corporate customers and well over 1 million subscribers. attributes its

  • Thesis Statements Of Oscar De La Renta

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    Attention material: We all know of designers such as, Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Ralph Lauren, however there is a man that helped define the fashion industry and he helped create what it is today. That mans name is Oscar De La Renta. Thesis Statement: Oscar De La Renta started in the height of the fashion start with individuals such as Dior, Elizabeth Arden, and Versace, however he had to struggle to make himself known. Statement of Significance: I started really getting interested in Oscar when

  • Speech On Timeless Handbags

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    When you think of a timeless handbag, which one comes to your mind first? Is it the Hermès Birkin, Chanel’s quilted 2.55 or the Louis Vuitton Speedy? It’s true that some incredible handbags are consistently setting trends, but one can find that timeless pieces have successfully stood the test of time. We have rounded up ten of the favourite classic handbags women still lust over and considered among the most sought-after fashion items. Body: Although, there is no denying that the latest handbag

  • Mount Hood Case Study

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    Analysis Now that the background of the disaster is known, we can begin to analyze its many components. From the leadership skills or lack thereof, to the heuristic traps the hikers fell into, to the many voices that bring multiple views of this climb to life, the 1986 Oregon Episcopal School climb is one that has people wondering how so many lost their lives in a seemingly simple trip. In doing this we are able to see how this disaster could have been prevented allowing us to learn from the mistakes

  • Fashion And The World Of Fashion

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    The world of fashion is always changing and new trends are always emerging. The ways by which trends and fashion news are communicated to the public has evolved as technology advances. Before television and the internet, it was difficult for designers, photographers, and fashion brands alike to spread word about the latest in fashion to a large mass of people. With the help of modern technology, fashion has made its mark in the world by appearing on television networks, online blogs, social media

  • Franz Marc Essay

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    Introduction Franz Marc was a German artist and printmaker, and also one of the key statistics of the German Expressionist movement. Franz Marc was born in February 8, 1880 in Munich and past away in March 4, 1916, eventually Marc was only 36 years old. Wilhelm, the father, was an expert landscape painter; his mother, Sophie, was a strict Calvinist. Marc began to study at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich in 1900. In 1903 and 1907, he spent time in France, intensely in Paris, visiting the city’s