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  • A Perfect Date Destination For Shallow Wallet Students

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    Cannella’s – A Perfect Date Destination for Shallow Wallet Students It’s Friday morning and you’re waiting in line at Taco Bell. You’ve decided that pay day means you can splurge a bit on your breakfast; No oatmeal today. Just as you are about to sink your teeth into your Dorito-dusted taco, a thought awakens in your mind, wedged between your impending dread of upcoming midterms and that load of laundry you were supposed to do a week ago. How could you have forgotten that it’s your significant others’

  • Pillow Pancakes Research Paper

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    Follow the steps for making the classic pillow pancakes, but this time substitute the wet mix with 120ml milk of choice, 140g yoghurt, 90g citrus curd of choice, 1 egg (as per usual) and 60g melted butter. Tip: Make sure to spread out the thick batter after ladling into the pan, else one side will cook too fast. Serve with fresh fruit, yoghurt and a drizzle of honey. 2. Chocolate Tiramisu Pancakes If the pillow pancakes are the fluffiest, then these are the most tender. These are very similar

  • Descriptive Essay On Cafe

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    The Lokal In my ceaseless visits to new cafes that seem to be sprouting every other day in this tiny island, it is only natural that I won’t like some. But it is also natural to have a favourite one that shines. That’s The Lokal. This newly opened Aussie-inspired café along Neil Road is not your normal stop-by dining spot. I was welcomed by the casual retro interior and comforting natural light shining in from the French windows, one step into it and I had my heart on sleeve already. The open-concept

  • Amazing Benefits Of Blueberries

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    Amazing Benefits of Blueberries (+5 Refreshing Recipes) Introduction The healthy campaign that has swept across the world in recent years have put more emphasis on the benefits of blueberries and propelled it to the forefront. The rise in its popularity is well deserved given that it contains the highest antioxidant capacity across all fruits, leafy greens, spices and seasonings. Origin of Blueberries Unlike strawberries that originated from France, the blueberry fruit originates from North America

  • Subway Island Essay

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    an assortment of seafood dressed with olive oil, lemon and fresh herbs. For the main course be sure to check out one of the amazing pasta dishes like the hand rolled gnocchi or the Fiocchi al limone e mascarpone that has pears and gorgonzola stuffed pasta with arugula served with a decadent mascarpone and lemon sauce. Best Sri Lankan food: Lakruwana This spot offers some of the most authentic Sri Lankan food you can find in the city. The restaurant's quiet atmosphere boasts various arts and crafts

  • Informative Essay On Chocolate Eclairs

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    dessert. You already got the idea, right?:) I'm a huge fan of eclairs. Given that they are covered with rich dark chocolate glaze, it officially holds its honorary rank in my favorite desserts rating. Remember how good was my easy brownie recipe with mascarpone swirl? This chocolate eclair recipe is light and so addicting. I'm telling you, it's hard to resist the

  • Life With And Without Coffee

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    Life with and without coffee What is coffee?  Coffee is a plant that farmers grown on their fields.  Is a very common drink in our society, there are many flavors and kinds.  Coffee for is me is an exquisite beverage which is tasteful, flavorful and delightful. Coffee was discovered in Ethiopia, by the 11th century, no one knows exactly when it was discovered, however the way it was identified was funny. A farmer was riding its horse for some hours, the poor animal was tired, there were some plants

  • Mother 's Day Brunch Dinner- Field Log Essay

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    Mother’s Day Brunch Dinner- Field Log Date and Time: 12:00 Setting: Carol’s House Attendees: Carol, Mercedes, Shaunda, Whitney, Susan, Regina, Jeremiah, Kayden and Shirl Mother’s Day Menu • French Toast topped with Mascarpone Cheese and assorted fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, and orange slices • Pecan smoked Bacon • Maple sausage links • Scrambled Eggs with cheese • Hash browns • Strawberry Orange Mimosas • Assortments of Fruit juices , teas, and coffee Description and Details Ever

  • Descriptive Essay On Home Away From Home

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    Home Away From Home As soon as I opened the door, I felt as if I had just taken a fourteen hour plane ride and landed in the heart of Italy. As my eyes immediately jetted to a mural of an Italian-styled building, my ears listened to the noise of Italian music in the background. If I did not know any better, I would have thought I was sitting in a tiny café in Italy. Ironically, the minuscule, Italian-inspired restaurant had a name bigger than the restaurant itself: The Pastaria & Market. Located

  • Italian Food Importance

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    The Importance of Food in Italy Italy is a country vast in history, amazing architecture, historical ruins, stunning scenery, fabulous food and more. Traditions rule throughout the years. One of the traditions is the food they make and how it is passed down from generations. The relationships Italians have with their family are very strong and it is important to them to pass down their traditions and recipes. Food has a strong social aspect with the Italians. It is important for them to get together