Maximal-ratio combining

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  • Essay On Multi Diversity Techniques

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    The combining diversity techniques are used to increase the performance of wireless or wired communication system by collected all the uncorrelated faded signal from different diversity branches and combine them all in such a way that improve the communication system and in results gives the optimize received signal power and signal to noise ratio (SNR). Depending on the sophistication of the system, the signals can be added directly (equal gain combining) or weighted and added coherently (maximal-ratio

  • A Paradigm For Multiple Input Multiple Output ( Mimo ) Channel Modeling Demands Diversity Technique Essay

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    multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) channel modeling demands diversity technique to compensate the effects of fading and shadowing. In this paper, error performance of MIMO system is analyzed with orthogonal space time block code (OSTBC) and maximal ratio combining (MRC) techniques over Weibull-gamma (WG) fading channel. WG distribution forms a composite channel model which is used to determine the effects of multipath as well as shadowing. Closed form expressions for symbol error rate (SER) are computed

  • Essay On Second Time Slot

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    MRC is as method of diversity combining. MRC multiplied the all branches signal. MRC amplified higher amplitude signal but shrink the low amplitude signals. It is also add the signal from each channel and gain of each channel is made directly proportional to the RMS signal value and inversely proportional to the mean square noise value in that channel. Each channel is different. It is known as RSC (ratio-squared-combining) and PC (prediction combining). MRC is also known as optimum combiner

  • System Performance Improvement For Ofdm System Over Generalized K Fading Channel

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    SER Performance Improvement in OFDM System over Generalized K-Fading Channel Keerti Tiwari, Bindu Bharti and Davinder S. Saini Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering Jaypee University of Information Technology Waknaghat, Solan (H.P.)-173234, India,, Abstract— In this paper, performance metric of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) system is analyzed over a composite fading channel i.e. generalized

  • The Effects Of Plyometric Training For Increased Speed

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    they will outperform athletes who move slower. Gains that athletes see in speed are attributed to muscle power and strength. Currently, to enhance muscle power and dynamic performance, athletes commonly use (a) heavy resistance training (80-90% of maximal load) and (b) explosive-type training in a form of either explosive (ballistic) resistance

  • Using Two Transmit Diversity Scheme

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    1.2 LITERATURE REVIEW [1]S. M. Alamouti, describes a simple two-branch transmit diversity scheme. Using two transmit antenna and one receive antenna, the new transmit antenna provides the same diversity order as maximal-ratio receiver combining (MRRC) with one transmit and two receive antennas. The scheme easily be generated to two transmit antenna and M receive antenna to provide a diversity order of 2M. This scheme does not require any bandwidth expansion any feedback from the receiver to the transmitter

  • MIMO Wireless Channel and How to Determine Its Capacity Under Different Conditions

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    related to antenna array, which is Array gain, the average increase in the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) at the receiverthat arises from the coherent combining effect of multiple antennas at the receiveror transmitter or both.If the channel is known to the multiple antenna transmitter, The transmitter will weigh the transmission with weights, depending on the channelcoefficients, so that there is coherent combining at the single antenna receiver.The array gain in this case is called transmitter array

  • Introduction Of The Antenna Systems

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    INTRODUCTION 1.1 Antenna Systems: Depending on the number of antennas used in the transmitting and receiving sections, the systems are divided into 4 types. 1.1.1 SINGLE INPUT SINGLE OUTPUT (SISO): Fig 1.1.1: SISO In SISO, there will be only single transmitter and a single receiver. This is the general system which we use. The simplest antenna technology is SISO. In some environments, this system is vulnerable to problems caused by multipath effects. When an electromagnetic field (EM

  • Segmentation And The Domain Independent Partitioning Of An Image

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    Segmentation The important aim of image segmentation is the domain independent partitioning of an image into a set of disjoint regions that can be visually differentiated, homogeneous and meaningful with respect to some characteristics or computed property such as grey level, texture or colour to enable easy image analysis. Image segmentation is a useful tool in many realms including industry, health care, astronomy, and various other fields. Segmentation in concept is a very simple idea. Simply

  • Brief History Of Field Hockey

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    Introduction: A Brief History Field hockey’s origins can be traced back 4000 years to ancient Egypt, Greece and Persia, although the game, as we have all come to know it, was developed in Britain in the late 19th century (Longstreth, 2014) . It is said to be the oldest team sport in history (Girasole, 2010) . Field Hockey’s original name was the “ball and stick” game. Hockey was initially played with a cube, instead of the ball we use today. Hockey was initially considered to be too dangerous for