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  • Entertainment Weekly Magazine Analysis : Entertainment

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    Entertainment Weekly Magazine Analysis Entertainment Weekly is a weekly periodical featuring entertainment related news stories. The magazine is notable for featuring film, television, book, and music reviews. Unlike some magazines targeting specific demographics, Entertainment Weekly appeals to a broad audience. Considering many people of all ages have an interest in the arts, the magazine appeals to both young and old readers. The magazine features celebrities of all ages, along with typically

  • A Comparison of Two Men's Weekly Magazines Essay

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    A Comparison of Two Men's Weekly Magazines January saw two publishing giants IPC and EMAP venture into the “no man’s land” of the magazine industry with the publication of two Men’s weekly magazines, intelligently titled Nuts (published by IPC) and Zoo (EMAP). Weekly magazines have traditionally been seen as a women’s arena, they are too “girly” with titles such as Chat and Heat being incredibly successful publications for the above two companies. It was felt that

  • Why Women Still CanT Have It All By Anne-Marie Slaughter

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    “having control of your schedule is the only way that women who want a career and a family can make it work.” “Quote from The Atlantic.”     In the article “Why Men Still Can’t Have It All,” by Richard Dorment, a senior writer and editor in esquire magazine, Dorment responds to Slaughter’s article by claiming men face the same problem as women do. He claims that recent times have made it much more difficult for men to balance work and family life. He

  • Ideological Diversity On Weekly News Magazines

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    Assatly Course #5487 2155OL: Understanding Mass Media July 31, 2015 IDEOLOGICAL DIVERSITY IN WEEKLY NEWS MAGAZINES Ideology is defined by Dictionary.com as “ a body of ideas that reflects the beliefs and interests of a nation, political system, etc. and underlies political action.” (“Ideology”) Weekly magazines, in fact all media, are infused with ideology. Its existence is inevitable. While news magazines strive to provide ideological diversity, the bottom line is that most media exists to promote

  • A Weekly Magazine Newsweek By Kevin Maney

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    published in an Americsn weekly magazine Newsweek by the well known author Kevin Maney, and it was published in 26th of June, 2015. Newsweek is a well-known, famous, second largest weekly popular magazine in USA. This article is pretty uptodate from 2015. The author of this article Kevin Maney is a credible, best-selling author, award-winning columnist, and musician. He writes a weekly column about technology and society for Newsweek, appearing both online and in the printed magazine. The audience of this

  • Frank Leslie's Weekly Magazine Analysis

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    continued success of magazines illustrated with wood engravings from the prior decade. However, with better printing technology magazine companies were able to evolve even further. “Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper” changed its name to “Leslie’s Weekly”. “McClure’s” and “The Century branched to accommodate the growing women and children demographic. “Once-A-Week” became “Collier’s Weekly” and the “The Saturday Evening Post” updated its look, evolving into country’s most popular magazine. In addition

  • Comparison Of Harper 's Weekly And Time Magazine

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    immediately get on our phones? I compared and contrasted the August 2015 Time magazine, and the June 4th 1864 edition of Harper’s Weekly. I have come to the realization that when people say times have changed, they are not kidding. It is crazy to read in between the lines and see how Americans lived over 150 years ago. The way things are placed and discussed are very different in both Harper’s Weekly and Time Magazine, but the two are similar in some ways also. Although there are many differences

  • Harper´s Weekly Magazine: The Great Railroad Strike of 1877

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    Harper’s Weekly, an American magazine, published in New York City from January 3, 1857 until May 13, 1916. Harper’s Weekly contained many topics of interest for its readers including national and international news, informative essays, short stories of fiction and even humorous anecdotes. “Among the recurring features were the political cartoons of Thomas Nast, who was recruited in 1862 and worked with the Weekly for more than 20 years. Nast was a feared caricaturist, and is often called the father

  • When one looks at how the media continues to communicate certain messages to the American public,

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    When one looks at how the media continues to communicate certain messages to the American public, it is remarkable how some trends have continued for decades. This is particularly true concerning images and graphics and the subtle messages that they carry in the world of print communications. The unfortunate reality is that the media is no different from many institutions in American society in that it has to sell products to the public in order to stay financially stable. As a means of doing so

  • Introduction to Marketing and Creative Product Promotion

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    the United Kingdom. NME has published weekly since March 1952. It started as a music newspaper, and gradually moved toward a magazine during the 1980s. Market PenetrationMarket Penetration that NME has done is created a magazine yearly subscription this is market penetration because the product is not being changed its just offering a new way of being able to purchase the product. It still appeals to the same market and people who read and by the magazine. | Product DevelopmentOne way that NME