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  • Main Features of A Mosque

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    Ai) Describe the main features of a mosque A mosque is mainly used as a place of worship for Muslims to pray to Allah. Not all mosques are the same, they vary from place to place. Some mosques are big and expensive whilst some other mosques are small and cheap. All mosques are different but are yet similar in some ways for example; all mosques are a place of worship. Some mosque have a tall minaret in which the Muezzin uses it to call the Adthaan, informing nearby Muslims that the time of prayer

  • The Great Mosque Of Cordoba

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    The Mishrab of The Great Mosque of Cordoba Assignment Two The Great Mosque of Cordoba [named in español Mezquita – Catedral de Córdoba] is a complex site of extraordinarily rich history and key development in Muslim architecture in a Western empire. Built in the Spanish capitals of the Umayyad, it is one of the oldest structures from the times of Muslim rule over Iberia in the 8th century, the Great Mosque of Cordoba is a heritage site having lived through tremendous successions of change, development

  • How Muslims Worship in a Mosque

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    A mosque (Masjid in Arabic) is a place for Muslims to worship God. The sacred space that I visited is “Dar AlHjrah” mosque in Falls church, VA. In my country every neighborhood has a mosque and each mosque has different shape and Design. Dar AlHjrah mosque had everything a mosque has. There’s “minaret” which is a slim tower attached to the mosque. The “minaret” shape was octagonal with pointed roof. The reason for the “minaret” tower is to make the call for prayer (Adhan). The color of the whole

  • The Importance Of The Mosque In The Muslim Community

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    community. A shared asset can be a mosque, community center, library, treatment centers, etc. which is there for the families within that community. Most neighborhoods have a community center which families bring their children, to play sports and to participate in activities held within the community. In the Muslim community, the mosques built within that community. Is built for the families within that community, to pray and to do their worshipping. “The Masjid (mosque) t welcomes everyone, day or night

  • The Role And Roles Of The Mosque In Islam

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    Islam is a complete, widespread way of life. The mosques in Islam is the place of pure worship to God. Al Masjid, the mosque, is one main part of Islam which is considered to be the heart and bottom of all life’s positive and productive activities. The first mosque in Islam was made with palm trees. It was very simple and basic. The walls were made of clay; it was the headquarters of the Islamic State. Unfortunately, people nowadays consider the mosque as a place that is only for praying and prayers

  • The Characteristics Of The Auwal Mosque In South Africa

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    (mosques are unique due to the context (historical and social) to which they belong) THESIS ADD A TITLE HERE (MAYBE THIS IS YOUR ABSTRACT?) ABSTRACT There are approximately 800 000 Muslims in South Africa (REFERENCE). The Auwal Mosque was the first mosque in Cape Town, initially occupied with Malay slaves and ‘free blacks’ in the 18th century. In contrast, almost 100% of Turkey’s entire population consists of Muslims, at 74.28 million people. The 21st century Yesil Vadi mosque is one of

  • An Essay On The Blue Mosque

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    The Blue Mosque, or as its mother language call it The Sultan Ahmet Camii, is an amazing and an interesting Islamic piece of architect located in Istanbul, Turkey. The blue tiles of the inside, adorning its interior walls, are the main reason why people call it the blue mosque. I found it interesting to write about such a historical piece of architecture that was built during the rule of Ahmed I (or the first) in the early 17th century. A tomb of the founder, like many other mosques, a hospice and

  • The Ground Zero Mosque: An Insult to America Essay

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    commercial airplanes and flew them into the Twin Towers, murdering thousands and causing millions in damage. Nearly a decade later, an Islamic religious group named the Cordoba Initiative is stirring up more trouble and is planning to construct a mosque within only blocks away from ground zero itself. This is an extremely offensive and distasteful decision and should not be allowed for three main reasons: it is a direct attempt to aggravate the American public,

  • History of the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba

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    describe the Great Mosque of Córdoba. The Mosque is also known as the Mezquita, the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba, or the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady. The mosque is considered one of the monumental jewels of Islamic civilization. In addition, it is one of the largest mosques in the entire world measuring about 24,000 square meters. The mosque was not all built at once, its construction lasted from 784 AD to 987 AD. First, Emir Abd ar-RahmanI began the construction of the mosque in the year 784

  • Mosque And The Tower Of The Mosque

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    Mosques are found all over the world. In addition to worship, mosques can be used for education and information. A main feature of the mosque is the domed roof. The domed roof has two functions: it is positioned over the prayer hall to allow the air to circulate and it helps to amplify the voice of the imam so he can be heard by everyone in the mosque. The star and crescent is also a major feature because it is the symbol of Islam and is the only external way to show that the building is a mosque