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  • Essay on Motivating Students in Writing Curriculum

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    writing teacher who is too strict or inflexible can give students the excuse they may be seeking to withdraw or not perform in class. Some students are only too eager to proclaim that they can’t possibly meet high standards in writing, so there is “no use in even trying.” Putting stringent rules in place for a writing class does not necessarily provide an atmosphere that will foster successful student writing. But being lenient and

  • Motivating Students

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    MOTIVATING STUDENTS Some students seem naturally enthusiastic about learning, but many need-or expect-their instructors to inspire, challenge, and stimulate them: "Effective learning in the classroom depends on the teacher's ability to maintain the interest in the first place". Whatever level of motivation the students bring to the classroom will be transformed, for better or worse, by what happens in that classroom. Unfortunately, there is no single magical formula for motivating students. Many

  • Motivating Students

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    I believe a classroom should be a sanctuary of learning in which the students know from the beginning what is expected of them and the teacher should discuss what is expected of her as a teacher. There needs to be an understanding amongst all involved with the children education. This understanding can lead to a fun filled adventurous classroom that encourages students to strive for the best. I believe when students and teachers are able to learn from each other, the learning environment can be successful

  • Motivating Student Motivation For Students

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    Motivating students in the classroom can be challenging, especially for Special Education students in an inclusion classroom. Due to the gap between a special education student’s independence level and current grade level, it is difficult for special education students to retain motivation throughout instruction. In efforts to determine how student motivation can be continuous, additional technology support was created to be implemented in an inclusion classroom. The purpose of this action research

  • Motivating Students At The Classroom

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    Motivating students to work in the classroom is not an easy task to perform. Teachers need to have classroom management and establish a conducive learning environment to meet the need of all students. As an educator, I have experienced that most of the students come to my classroom with a positive attitude and eager to learn while others come with very low self-esteem, not wanting to learn creating disruptive behaviors. In one of the articles assigned this week, it is emphasized that when students

  • Examples Of Three Steps To Motivating A Student

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    (from mine in particular) when I enjoy learning the information, the challenges associated with learning the material do not seem as difficult to overcome when compared to a subject matter that I lack interest in. Also, I have noticed that showing a student what life can be like if they were to push themselves academically can motivate him/her to study harder. On a side note, (but relative to the topic) I currently am a security officer at a juvenile detention center and I have helped children write

  • The Most Important Factors Of Motivating Students To Improve Learning Of Students

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    important factor in order to enhance learning of students. Every action we do is underlined by some sort of motivation. This includes students and their motivation to learn. There are many cross-disciplinary theories proposed to explain motivation. But no single theory seems to effectively explain all human motivation. The fact is that human beings in general and students in particular are complex creatures with complex desires and needs. Motivating students to learn on consistent basis is one of the greatest

  • Motivating First Generation College Students Essay

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    Laila Chaoui Process for Analyzing Research Studies Analyzing Research: motivating first generation college students 1. I utilized the University of North Florida’s search bar through the library to find my article. I typed into the search bar “motivating first generation college students”. I wanted to find research that explored different ways utilized by institutions to motivate and retain their first generation college students. I also narrowed down the potential results by selecting geography of

  • Motivating Firs Generation Students For Academic Success And College Completion

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    article “Motivating Firs-Generation Students For Academic Success and College Completion” by Tanjula Petty describes the additional challenges first generation students have to overcome while attending college. A well-heeled diversity and world of opportunities are a few of the positive outcomes of attending college. According to Tanjula Petty (2014), “Yet, the most cited and widely used definition for first- generation students is someone whose parents has not completed a college degree”. Students whose

  • Motivating Students From The Most Challenging Tasks Educators Face Today

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    Motivating student to learn is one of the most challenging tasks educators face today. Failure to motivate students in in appropriate manner may have devastating effects such as early absenteeism, continues struggles with behavior and academics, failure to understand concepts, unsatisfaction with school, low self-esteem, and increased dropout rates from school (Gottfried, 2009; Ryan & Deci, 2009). In recent studies of motivation, motivation can be seen affecting student’s memory and learning.