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  • Nimrod Research Paper

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    world’s very first, and the earliest-built city in it, Uruk, was among the first cities of the post-Flood world. Many historians believe that Nimrod, one of Noah’s son Ham’s grandsons, was the leader of those who founded Sumer, though there is not any clear evidence of this. It is also generally accepted that the Tower of Babel was in Sumer, and that Nimrod was the leader of those who built it. Uruk was the greatest city of Sumer for many years, but around 3000 B.C., others became more built up,

  • Nimrod: A new Programming Language

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    companies and individuals write code to make large and small projects more efficient and easier to fathom. In 2014, Nimrod became a new systems programming language. Nimrod, a new language with a high metaprogramming support, which is programming, but its basically writing code that writes code. Also generics and exception tracking built in, with optional garbage collection. Nimrod is compatible to compile with C, C++, Objective-C, or Java Script. “Generic programming is a style of computer programming

  • Ernest Shackleton And The Epic Voyage Of The Endurance

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    When an event occurs in our lives, whether it be good or bad, we must each ask ourselves, "What role did I play in this?" (Benson, 2017). This question helps us to find the beginning of the path we are currently set upon by looking back on outcomes determined by the decisions we have made. Only whist looking back are we able to ask this simple question as we gain an understanding of where we were, as well as where we currently are. "Leadership in Crisis: Ernest Shackleton and the Epic Voyage of

  • South : The Story Of Shackleton's Last Expedition

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    I choose to write my critical essay on renowned Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton and his book, South: The story of Shackleton’s Last Expedition. The story of Shackleton’s leadership and perseverance against impossible odds in leading his men to safety after becoming stranded in the Antarctic pack ice has always held great interest for me. Shackleton’s example of leadership is so extraordinary that today, over 100 years later, it is still pointed to as one of the finest examples of

  • A Modern Equivalent Of Nimrod 's Tower

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    The next clause says, “a god his fathers never knew”. This god will accomplish what Nimrod tried and failed to do; that others previously had just imagined. This “god” will be a newly created wedding between the modern world’s technological ingenuity and the demonic realm. The Pyramid’s Capstone is simply a modern equivalent of Nimrod’s Tower. The devil has tried since the beginning of man to put this in place. That is why you see so many men in history such as Nero and Hitler, who are types of antichrists

  • Shackleton

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    Leadership in Crisis Ernest Shackleton and the Epic Voyage of the Endurance 3/10/2014 aFriendInNeed Situation Overview: Shackleton sailed with 27 men from South Georgia Island on a British Polar expedition into South Atlantic aboard the ship called Endurance. The south pole had been recently reached in 1911. The goal of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition was to become the first explorers to land on the Antarctic continent as well as cross it. The original plan was to sail Endurance

  • Adam And Nimrod Are Not Just Characters From Dante 's Work

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    Adam and Nimrod are not just characters from Dante’s work. They both have origins in Christianity. Genesis 3 is about Adam’s sin, the first sin; disobeying the Lord caused the fall of man. Genesis 11 is about Nimrod’s sin. Nimrod was the first ruler “in the land of Shinar” (Gen 10.10). Men, migrating east, settled in Shinar and planned to construct a tower so tall, that it would reach the sky because this would “make a name for [themselves]” (Gen. 11.4). When the Lord noticed this tower, he “scattered

  • Operation Nimrod : A Hostage Rescue Mission Operated By The British Special Forces

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    OPERATION NIMROD Operation Nimrod was a counterterrorist hostage-rescue mission operated by the British Special Forces unit: Special Air Service (SAS) in London at Iranian Embassy on May 5th 1980. Operation Nimrod is considered to be as one of the best special operations. Examining the roles of British senior civilian and military decision makers during the operation will provide a better understanding of the topic of the thesis. 1. Political-Military Situation:/ Motives for the Attack Khuzestan

  • Final Exposure and Judgement upon the Woman of Babylon

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    family that was rescued from the earth including some selected animals. Those animals’ overpowered man and men were praying, calling upon God to intervene in their situation. They made a decree that whosoever will be a powerful man should come forward. Nimrod appeared and become famous as a mighty hunter against those wild animals. And he was a mighty hunter before the Lord. Genesis 10. 8-9 says: due to his success in hunting he became a mighty one on earth. And the God of his father Noah was with him

  • The Line Of Ham

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    tenth century B. C. (First Kings 10:1-13). The second son is Dedan; he settled in the oases of El Ela in northwestern Saudi Arabia (Isaiah 21:13; Jeremiah 25:23, 49:8; Ezekiel 25:13). Inserted in this section of the birth of nations is the story of Nimrod. He was the rebel, the founder of Babel, and the hunter of the souls of men. He was the lawless one and the first world ruler - a shadow of the last world ruler, the antichrist who is yet to