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  • Essay on Careers in Healthcare

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    Healthcare has many different areas one can go into if interested in this field. I have chosen two that have always been an interest to me; Nursing (particularly registered nursing) and an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). Both jobs are very demanding and extremely important. Both are respected jobs and require a tremendous amount of caring for others. There are three levels of nursing; certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or a Registered Nurse (RN). A registered

  • Summary: Sexual Misconduct In College

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    College should be one of the most developmental periods for a young adult. They strive to attain autonomy, intellectual growth and self-sufficiency. Although college students strive for success they are at risk of becoming victims of sexual assault. Each state and university have policies and procedures set in place to protect and prevent students that may fall victim to sexual assault. I have researched the states of Montana, Nebraska, Nevada and New Hampshire and found that each state complies

  • Comprehensive Peer Evaluation Paper

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    worked on campus for a three-day period (VanderStaay et al., 2012, pp. 1 & 4). Steven L. VanderStaay, who then served as the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington, chaired the evaluation committee. Joining VanderStaay were eight academics from universities in Idaho, Montana, and Washington (VanderStaay et al., p. 4; see Appendix C). Besides the evaluation, the committee listed 49 persons whom they interviewed in the course of the evaluation

  • 15 Most Affordable Online Schools

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    Governors University Western Governors University has 53 online degree programs to choose from, for an annual tuition of less than $15,000 each. This school offers one of the most affordable online accounting degrees. The annual tuition for the accounting program is $5,780. The Business degree program, also offered at the same price, is one of the most affordable. This public, non-profit school is fully accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council Accrediting Commission. Western

  • High School Accreditation Essay

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    accepted by colleges if it comes from an accredited school. One school advertises online - take a test and summarize your experiences. With a small payment you are guaranteed a diploma in 15 days. It's hard to see how anyone could fall for that scam, but not all "fakes" are that obvious. Some schools claim to be accredited by an agency that's just a worthless set of initials. What is accreditation? It's the process of

  • Washington State 's Primary Land Grant University

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    Washington State University Washington State University, or WSU, is a public research university located in Pullman, Washington. WSU is the state 's primary land-grant university that was founded back in 1890. It is known for excellent agriculture, pharmacy, neuroscience, chemical engineering and veterinary medicine programs. The university is usually ranked within the top 150 high research facilities. The undergraduate enrollment is around 25,000 and the graduate enrollment is around 5,000, making

  • Why Western Governors University Essay

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    Choosing what college to attend can be a daunting process at any time. Selecting a school as an adult student can be even more difficult. Beyond the normal considerations of cost, program types, traditional school or online, and location, there are additional factors to consider as an adult student. These may include work schedule conflicts, family life, distance to travel, and credit earned for life experience. The nineteen governors who founded Western Governors University took these things

  • Faculty Professionalism, Respect, And Trust

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    Program Director of Music at Dawson Community College Dr. Deb Eastwood Faculty Professionalism, Respect, and Trust - Why I am interested? I believe that as a faculty member I am here to promote and encourage our students as well as the faculty. When we are professional, we earn the respect and trust of our colleagues. Respect as a faculty member is demonstrated when we help each other meet our professional goals. This may be through providing teaching lecture materials, texts, assignment copies

  • College Accreditation

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    affordable flexibility, some students still worry about the accreditation quality of their online program. Read on to learn about college accreditation for accounting degrees. Why Does Accreditation Matter? College accreditation refers to the voluntary review of educational programs by independent organizations in order to verify the school’s academic quality and consistency. Colleges that maintain accreditation from prestigious accrediting agencies demonstrate that their institution continually maintains

  • Measuring Student Learning: Impact on Accountability and Autonomy

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    accountability in terms of student learning to national reports like the one issued by the Spellings Commission, which had many recommendations for higher education including a need to make evidence of student learning at institutions available to the public (DOE, 2006). Many other lobbying groups and news agencies have published additional articles regarding the outcomes associated with college such as degree achievement. However, the focus on the assessment of student learning has been present