Oleg Cassini

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  • Analysis Of Oleg Cassini 's ' King Of Bridal '

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    Pamela Ramirez Briggs Fashion and Textiles 15 May 2017 King of Bridal Oleg Cassini was one of the most influential designers with one of the longest careers in American history. He was born in Paris on April 11, 1913 to the Count and Countess Cassini, his grandfather being the Peking Imperial Russian Ambassador. He grew up with his younger brother, Igor Cassini, who turned out to be very similar in many ways. As a child he spent most of his life traveling from Russia, Denmark, and Copenhagen due

  • Jackie O ' Kennedy And Her Influence On Fashion

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    For many of her clothes she worked closely with designer Oleg Cassini. She told he what she wanted the clothing to feature and how it should look. He would then make the clothes for Jackie. Her father-in-law funded her clothing budget and was a big part in her being able to have he iconic style. This shows that even

  • Cassini Vanishes Into Saturn: Article Analysis

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    Kenneth. “Cassini Vanishes Into Saturn, Its Mission Celebrated and Mourned.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 14 Sept. 2017 Avery Dermer Biology C Band Ms. Galaydick 9-21-17 Abstract Number One Beginning in 2004, Cassini the spacecraft started a mission. Since that date Cassini has been orbiting around Saturn constantly sending new and fascinating information regarding our sixth planet. After twenty successful years of new discoveries and intriguing information, Cassini has crashed

  • Why Is Jackie Kennedy Onassis Important

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    campaign, and after she became first lady, the Kennedy camp worried her taste for foreign clothing could make the family seem out of touch. To solve the problem, her father-in-law, Joseph Kennedy, helped pair her with American-based designer Oleg Cassini. Cassini went on to design more than 300 of Onassis’ most iconic outfits She was placed on the cover on LIFE Magazine on many occasion for not only being the first lady but for some of her more memorable looks, however she had said that she did not

  • How Did Jackie Kennedy Contribute To Society

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    Jacqueline Lee Kennedy Onassis was born on July 28, 1929, and was the wife of President John F. Kennedy from 1961 until his assassination in 1963. During her marriage to John F. Kennedy and she was not only noticed as the first lady, but as a fashion icon as well as her contributions to the arts, and the preservations of historic architecture. Yet her style, elegance, and grace are some of her most memorable characteristics as the first lady and years to come. Now to the younger generation who

  • Analysis Of Marc Bohan 's First Haute Couture Collection For Christian Dior

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    Describing the furor at Marc Bohan’s first haute couture collection for Christian Dior, the New York Times reported “the shouting, clapping, surging mob at the press showing caused chaos in the elegant salon. Marc Bohan was… kissed, mauled, and congratulated. Chairs were toppled.” Bohan’s Spring/Summer 1961 collection, the “Slim Look,” surged a wave of enthusiastic admiration that signaled the beginning of his spirited tenure at Dior. From 1961 until 1989, Bohan was the House of Dior. The fashion

  • Mem Company, Inc.

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    CASE SUMMARY (PROBLEM STATEMENT) After sluggish sales growth in 1980, MEM Company, Inc. was considering ways to increase sales for the company 's line of men 's toiletries. Two main options surfaced; either 1) to expand distribution into food stores or 2) to introduce a new line called Cambridge. MARKET OVERVIEW The men 's toiletries market was divided into three groups based on pricing, namely, exclusive, medium and mass priced category. MEM had competed primarily in the medium priced market

  • Symbolism on Gattaca Essay

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    Hollywood-esque "Gattaca" is a prophetic distopia concerning genetic discrimination in the early 21st Century. A true hero is one who is willing to commit body and soul to achieve a dream, discuss. Gattaca is a provocative science-fiction interpretation of the future of genomics. Andrew Niccol's presents us with insight to a pessimistic view of genetic enhancement set in the "not to distant future." The film takes us through the journey of Vincent Freeman, and Jerome Morrow who with the value