Orientation week

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  • Poverty Reflection

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    For my civic or political participation, I volunteered with CPS’s GIV day for a poverty simulation. This is a half a day on the Friday of orientation week is available to first year’s students. The students are able to learn about civic issues like poverty and how Gettysburg College works with the issue and community. As a member of Gettysburg College, I have volunteered with CPS in many capacities and have done the poverty simulation as a first year. I also choose this engagement because I have

  • Hrm 531 Week 3 Solutions Orientation Assignment

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    Solutions Oriented – Standardly asking what others think, I have confidence asking what you would do. Examining data and scenarios is helpful, but exhausting effort to deliver results in a strategic plan provides vision. My roommate and I studied supply chain management, consistently allowing us to craft our own decisions regarding the issue of efficiency among our assignments. Developing strategies which could be implemented and altered depending on variation exhibited greater success and less disturbances

  • My Experience An Experience

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    College: An Experience Astronaut Frank Borman is quoted as saying, “Exploration is really the essence of human spirit”. When combatted with describing the first week of my new life as a Keystone College Giant, this quote appears in my mind. College has been described by some as the time and place for self discovery. And, through out this week of starting new classes, meeting new people, trying new things, and, creating and breaking habits, I think that I have begun to explore the person I want to become

  • Essay on Bricolage Fashion

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    This essay is going to look at the term Bricolage and how it links to postmodernism and the term Retro. ‘Non-moderns use bricolage to fashion new tools from available objects...Consumers fashion new identities from the resources available to them’ (Ratneshwar, 2000:132). Fashion designers find their inspiration from the past and combine styles to create new designs that are seen as different and inventive. However, many people argue that so many designers use materials, looks and styles from the

  • The Unattainable Standards of the Fashion World

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    Most people think of the fashion industry as a materialistic world of extravagant, overpriced, un-wearable clothing. Where anorexic, and yet extremely beautiful women use their looks to sell you a product that they themselves probably don’t even like. They think of an industry that sets the most unattainable standards and lowers the self-esteem of young women to zero. They think of it as a world where everyone is judged and no one will ever be pleased…and in the end none of it even matters because

  • Examples Of Mercy And Compassion

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    mistakes, and O for Obedience, for obeying the people in authority like our parents. These 3 are the sources of mercy and compassion. That’s why we should be honest, humble and obedient. Always drink H20 on the season of Lent. The author spent his holy week in the Philippines.

  • Urban Decay's Naked Palette

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    “Style; noun \ˈstī(-ə)l: a particular form or design of something,” (“Style”). There are many different style types. New Yorkers, California girls, and Italians all have different clothing styles and many different and unique makeup products. Each and every culture has a style of their own. Makeup is a very vogue thing all around the world. According to Molly Carroll and Augusta Falletta, two writers for StyleCaster.com, “We found some surprises, some glaringly obvious realities and a few products

  • Collette Dinnigan - Textiles and Design

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    Born in South Africa in 1966 and brought up in New Zealand, Dinnigan had experienced a range of cultures from early on in life. Dinnigan attended Wellington Polytechnic College until the age of 19 by which time she had graduated, majoring fashion design. Once graduated, Dinnigan moved to Sydney where she was given a job in the costume department of the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC). It did not take long for Dinnigan to be recognized as a valuable employee, with her infinite attention

  • How the Trickle-Down Theory Works in China Essay

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    How the trickle-down theory works in China The Trickle-down theory, a well-known theory in fashion industry, has significant meaning in 19th to 20th century Europe. The American economist and sociologist, Veblen, published The theory of the Leisure Class by 1899, in which he discussed the split between the leisure class and the industrial class in the US critically. He concluded that leisure class treats dress as a sign of their status and possessions, furthermore, ‘Dress must not only be conspicuously

  • Social Factors That Changed The World

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    Clothing became less expensive in the 1960’s because of the Industrial Revolution, so more people are seen being involved in popular fashion trends and expressing themselves in ways they please because of the affordability. The sharply angled Vidal Sassoon hair style where women cut their hair shorter and styled it in an angular way. This decade also started the trend of people wanting to look skinnier. Designers preferred models looked younger, thinner, and had longer legs. Social factors occurring