Essay on Bricolage Fashion

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This essay is going to look at the term Bricolage and how it links to postmodernism and the term Retro. ‘Non-moderns use bricolage to fashion new tools from available objects...Consumers fashion new identities from the resources available to them’ (Ratneshwar, 2000:132). Fashion designers find their inspiration from the past and combine styles to create new designs that are seen as different and inventive. However, many people argue that so many designers use materials, looks and styles from the past that they are re using fashion in a continuous cycle and are no longer being original and creative. I will be looking at fashion designer Gareth Pugh to explain more about the term bricolage and the use of the past in contemporary fashion …show more content…

Figure 1 – Leigh Bowery Figure 2 – Gareth Pugh

Figure 3 - Leigh Bowery Figure 4 – Gareth Pugh Leigh Bowery is a fashion designer and performance artist. Bowery’s work, figure 1 and 3 has influenced many fashion designers such as Gareth Pugh, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano. Figure 2 and 4 are fashion designer Gareth Pugh’s spring 2007 ready to wear collection.
Both designs are clearly inspired by the legend Leigh Bowery by the use of form, texture and colours. Strong shapes and exaggerated shoulder pads show Pugh’s designs have a lot of 1980’s

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