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    I wanted to learn, I wanted to help and I wanted to contribute. “I wonder,” I said, “if I can come here more often and put my hands on it too.” “You’ll need to get a permit from the lab.” The more I visited, the more I wanted to get involved. I sent an application for a permit as a volunteer working with Ying and couldn’t wait till the permit was granted. At the beginning, after completing household chores I rode my bike to the lab for a few hours each time. As the days went on, I stayed longer

  • Albert Einstein The Miracle Mind By Tabatha Yeatts

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    biography, Albert Einstein The Miracle Mind by Tabatha Yeatts. Einstein was born on March 14,1879 in Ulm, Germany. He died on April 18, 1955 in Princeton, NJ. Einstein is famous for his equation E = m c2. In this equation E represents the units of energy, m represents the units of mass, and c 2 is the speed of light squared, or multiplied by itself according to is one of Einstein’s most remembered accomplishments. Einstein’s equation, E = m c2 , is one of his many accomplishments. He

  • Biography of Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand Helmholtz

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    Background Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand Helmholtz was born August 31, 1821 in Potsdam, Prussia to the Potsdam Gymnasium instructor of philosophy and literature, August Ferdinand Julius Helmholtz and Caroline Penn, descendent of William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania (Cite brit). A product of a rich, intellectual environment, Helmholtz grasped complex concepts in various academic subjects. His father introduced him to philosophies that inspired him to broaden his mindset and explore English, Science

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    Albert Einstein By Paul Nguyen Introduction The person I chose was Albert Einstein, who was born in, Germany March 14, 1879 and died in, New Jersey, April 18th, 1955. The reason why I picked him is because he made a huge impact on the world by changing the world’s thinking about how to determine the speed of light and all his quote. The thing he was well known for was making the theory E=MC2. A quote he said was, “Imagination is more important

  • The Life Of Lise Meitner

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    The Life of Lise Meitner In the beginning of the life of one of the most significant female scientist to date, there was obscurity. Born in Vienna, Austria on November 7th of 1878 during turmoil of war and persecution that would seem to not cease throughout her life, she was bound to surpass her limitations as a necessity to prosper the scientific status. Born the third child out of eight in a Jewish family, she still was not one to go unnoticed or to be persuaded, as a strong minded individual tends

  • Why Is James Chadwick Important

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    Honor: regard with great respect. In my words honor is how we respect others, people and traditions that we believe in. Honor is a way that we will often judge if someone is good or not, but maybe we should look at some other things about the person before we judge if they are honorable or not. James Chadwick was born in Bollington, England, UK on October 20, 1891. His parents Joseph and Anne a storekeeper and servant. James Chadwick went to Manchester's Central Grammar School for Boys. When he

  • Contributions Of Max Planck

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    Max Planck was born on April 28, 1858 in Kiel, Germany to Julius Wilhelm and Emma Planck. As a child, Planck was greatly interested in music and was even a talented musician who played many different instruments, however, after being under the influence of Hermann Muller, Planck became interested in physics. Planck studied at the University of Munich and started schooling there at the age of 16 and by the time he was 21, he had a doctorate degree in thermodynamics. After schooling, Planck became

  • How Did Albert Einstein Changed How People Viewed The Universe

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    Nicholas Fitzgerald Mr.Winther Literature and Composition 5 October 2017 History and Albert Einstein Albert Einstein was one of the greatest physicists of all time. His early life demonstrated his fascination with science. Einstein’s work changed how people viewed the entire universe. Einstein’s was born on the 14th of March in 1879. He grew up in Ulm, Germany. Einstein had an irregular education because he was always moving schools. Though being thrown around to many schools he read many popular

  • Albert Einstein Accomplishments

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    Albert Einstein is widely known for the atomic bomb, his studies in physics and medicine, also proving gravity was a pushing force. Einstein had a lot of adversity in his life, but he surmounts the negative connotations of him and other Jews. Einstein faced adversity during his life, he had to take several breaks in his research, but he triumphed over it by proving everyone wrong. Einstein went to university at the university of Zurich, he had many jobs, he was at risk during the holocaust and wars

  • Accomplishments Of Albert Einstein

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    years first in trying to prove that the quantum theory had inconsistencies in it. No one could have been more ingenious in thinking up unexpected and clever examples; but it turned out that the inconsistencies were not there; and often their resolution could be found in earlier work of Einstein himself. When that did not work, after repeated efforts, Einstein had simply to say that he did not like the theory. He did not like the elements of indeterminacy. He did not like the abandonment of continuity