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  • Short Story : The Disney Dream

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    “Hurry up! We’re going to miss the boat!,” Sonali yelled back to her mom and dad who were running behind her in the hot Florida sun. As she was running, pulling her 1,000 pound suitcase and carrying a bulging green backpack, she caught a whiff of the ocean which smelled like a sewer. Dripping with sweat and tired from what seemed like an eternity of running down the mile long dock, they made it onto the boat just in time. The crew welcomed them by announcing “The Disney Dream welcomes the Ciolino

  • Narrative Essay On A Water Slide

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    Ahhh! Swoosh! I feel like I’m going to fall off this terrifying water slide. What did I put myself into? During the ride I went around in circles at least 5 times, my mind was spinning. After that hair-raising moment, I knew that today was going to be a day filled with adventure! Then, my family and I went to Hershey Park as a birthday gift for me. At the entrance, I saw an enormous light blue and bright yellow water slide that almost looked like half of a tornado. It was a really hot day, the

  • Descriptive Essay On Pleasant Memory

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    Pleasant Memory Think about a time that you have been really jubilant, a pleasant memory you have. Whether that memory was with friends, family, on a school trip or at home, we have all had at least one time where we have been just ecstatic. For me, one of my joyous memories is my trip to the Bahamas. To explain my vacation and why it was so delightful, I’ll break it up into three parts. First, the plane ride there, then my actual time at Paradise Island and lastly, the plane ride home. So, first

  • Narrative Essay About A Water Ride

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    awesome and thrilling, I thought. Unfortunately I was correct. Anyways, when we reached the ride location, the waiting-time on the gate read 3 hours!!! Me and my Dad stared at other people go down, screaming, yelling, and getting wet on the HUGE slide. Me and my Dad were tempted to go on that stunning water ride. Weirdly many people were looking at me. “ Hey. Bro. Your braces are really cool. Where did you

  • Descriptive Essay On A Water Park

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    great day to go to a water park with my friend Darcy. We were going to be the first ones down the huge water slide. We had been waiting all night and day to go down this exciting ride. There needs to be four people to go down this water slide but there are just the two of us so we will just need to try and get a lot of speed up at the start and hope that we can get to the end of the water slide. We want to be the first ones down it but we look to our right and there are hundreds of people waiting to

  • Ride The Lo Research Paper

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    Come on down to the best ride in town. That’s right, I’m here to tell you that The Loo is the next big thing! Try it yourself. All you have to is get a ride down to good ole’ Hershey Park. There you can ride The Loo, where you get the life experience of being the piece of poo in the toilet. Who wouldn’t want to go on a fast thrilling ride, where you can get whipped around, swirled a bit, and glide over bumpy bumps. To start out the ride you’ll work your way to the top of the hill at a constant speed

  • My Vacation In Life

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    The feel of the hot sun beating down on my forehead. The sound of people cheering and chatting. The taste of the delicious sample of fudge that I was just given from a small shop. I come across a huge billboard in bold blue letters. Where am I? I have just arrived in Branson, Missouri, where my family and I plan to have an amazing vacation away from home. To arrive in Branson, we first had to drive down to Missouri in my mom's silver van. As it was my parents, my three brothers, and me, the

  • Personal Narrative

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    Personal Narrative It's a Friday afternoon, I plan to go to Great Wolf Lodge in an hour with my church. I see one of my friends so he says to his mom “ Hey, that's my friend” I said “Crap” So I go inside to sign in to go and see my friends just sitting in a corner on a big sofa. We are listening to music and just talking then a green bus comes. “This is are bus!” Our pastor said. So all of us went to the bus and pack our bags on the sides. Then that dude asked me to sit by him and I did. So when

  • A Reflection On The Classroom

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    laughed and commented about the twists and turns. They were shown their materials and the constraints were explained to them. Such as they only had a certain amount of time, they only had so many materials, it needed to be safe, it needed to look like a slide, etc. The students were excited to get started and once they

  • Essay about Narrative- Water Slide Experience

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    Narrative- Water Slide Experience I was so excited. I could hardly breathe through the hour drive it took to get there. I was squished between my two ten-year-old best friends in the back seat of a white Saturn, but I didn't care. I was practicing over and over in my head what I was going to say to all the smart-alecky adults who would tell me I was too young to ride the water slides. I was simply going to reply, "Actually I'm ten, going on eleven." On the right of me sat the girl I met in