Plum Island Animal Disease Center

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  • The Way Out Of The Big Apple

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    offshore of Orient Point, Plum Island Animal Disease Center is the rumored birthplace of the “Montauk Monster,” an international bioterrorism target, and the only place in the country that is authorized to work on live foot-and-mouth disease virus. Photographing the island is strictly prohibited. In Silence of the Lambs, it was proclaimed the “one place fit for Hannibal Lecter.” The only way to get there is by private government ferry. Trespassing deer that swim onto the island are shot and killed. But

  • Biohazard Island

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    Biohazard Island is a not very well known facility. It was an island southeast of New York. The island itself is about 840 acres. The facility also known as Plum Island Animal Disease Center or the PIADC, had a goal of protecting livestock from animal diseases. During the Cold War a secret biological weapons program that was targeted livestock was conducted at the facility. Although over the years it has declined, but on July 13th of 2008 a strange creature washed up on the shores of Montauk. The

  • Animal Disease Control

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    Animal Disease Control Introduction “Some animal diseases can also infect animals of other species, and people. The government helps to combat outbreaks of these zoonotic diseases.” This is a quote from Government.ln, giving a little insight on how they begin controlling this problem. When a farmer had an animal that becomes sick they are able to treat the animal with antibiotics, or if they do not have the proper antibiotics they call a vet to treat. Disease that farmers need to notify the vets

  • Bioterrorism And Biowarfare: A Threat Analysis

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    used to harm animals and agricultural crops in order to cause financial damage and/ or famine. “Bioterrorism aims to create casualties, terror, societal disruption, or economic loss, inspired by ideological, religious or political beliefs” (Jansen, Breeveld, Stijnis, & Grobusch, 2014, pg. 490). The disease agents that are used in bioterrorism can be naturally occurring or man-made. When the agents are man-made, they can be mutated or altered to increase their ability to cause disease, to spread

  • Homeland Security And Homeland Defense

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    we as Americans needed to have established to keep us safe from enemies foreign and domestic. The homeland security came into the light after the horrible attacks that happened here in the United states on September 11th 2001, when the world trade centers were viciously attacked by terrorist that hijacked planes. These attacks not only made the US government establish a type of security that we needed, it made it establish a type of program that is impenetrable from the most attacks. In this midterm

  • Cause And Effect On Climate Change

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    Fourteen billion pounds of garbage is dumped into our oceans every year and most of it is plastic. Americans alone make up 5 % of the world’s population and yet we produce 30% of the worlds waste and use 25% of the world’s resources. When even exposed to the ground ozone for only 6-7 hours healthy people’s lung function has decrease. With the increasing pollution the more it affects the climate which in returns effect our health and our everyday lives. Climate change has many reasons why it has increased

  • The Department Of Homeland Security

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    “The Department of Homeland Security was created through the incorporation of 22 different federal departments and agencies into a joint, integrated Department.” DHS has become a more efficient and integrated Department that has become highly strengthened; the homeland security is an agency that has a more secure America. Without a doubt, it is highly equipped to confront the vast range of threats the United States of America faces. This analysis will explain why the Department of Homeland Security

  • The Department Of Homeland Security

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    immigration laws, safeguard and secure cyberspace, ensure resilience to disasters (Department of Homeland Security, 2015). The Department of Homeland Security was created in response to attacks that occurred on the world trade center on September 11 2001. The attacks on the world trade center would change the how the United States viewed terrorism and

  • The Role Of Homeland Security From The United States Constitution

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    The role of Homeland Security originated from the Founding Fathers, under the United States Constitution, that created a system and gave the primary role of homeland security to state and local governments (Oliver, 2007). When state and local governments became overwhelmed and could no longer effectively deal with a crisis then homeland security government would assist those governments (Oliver, 2007). The relationship was created through the United States Constitution in Article 4, Section 4, which

  • History Of The Department Of Homeland Security

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    and in 2016 has a budget of $41.2 billion. The Department of Homeland Security was created in response to attacks that occurred on the world trade center on September 11 2001. At the time of this writing there have been four secretaries of the department of Homeland Security appointed by two different presidents. The attacks on the world trade center would change the how the United States viewed terrorism and how it organized its domestic defense. The agencies that make up The Department of Homeland