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  • Creative Writing: 12 Galactic Trails

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    I watched the operation on my terminal as I tried my best to remain calm. After each water pod carrying James and his people docked on the Lancer and I was given the sign that all of them were safe, I felt relieved. With such large containers without life supporting equipment and personal supplies in them, there wasn’t need of many water pods to get James and his people on board. Once the pods were emptied, the cleaning program took over and sanitized every square inch of the container. Once that

  • Essay

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    least, being imprisoned in a pod, in the simulated paradise that it provided, didn’t seem all too bad an option. “The first of the pods were initially put into production on a full-scale effort sometime in the summer of 2029 just as the great wars had ended. Their manufacture, at the time, had used up what was left of the government’s available resources to do so, but they got it done, and the first of the survivors entered in internment on November 3, 2029. “Soon, pod facilities started to spring

  • Orca Pods

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    Once the orca is born, they remain in the pod until they die, usually with their mom and siblings. When they are captured, they went from swimming up to 100 miles a day in the wild to being put into a swimming pool and forced to swim in circles. An orca at SeaWorld would have to swim in 1,400 circles in one day to match the same distance as they would in the wild. Immediately after the orca whales are brought to their new “home,” they begin training. The SeaWorld trainers use something called a

  • Pods Reflection

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    Entry # 1 – Reflection on Introduction within Pods: This process felt rush to me seeing that I joined the course on the 8th of January, which was the day that the post was going up onto the main board. I decided to share a minimum amount of information about myself based on the question that was assigned to the pod for the week’s discussion. I was uncomfortable answering some of the questions that were asked of me by other pod members in my group; before on introduction was conducted, I was asked

  • Narrative Essay: The Retaliators

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    The year 4847, StarCore47 was working desperately for a attempt to find four Kyper ores, from planet Gliese 4-36B. The command cruiser Fire Part just blasted off the planet's biggest Island, when suddenly “BAM!.” Therefore are story beginnings with four brave souls. “Jackson, get over here!” “What's wrong commander?” replied Jackson “Our stabilizer was just hit by a force more powerful than god himself!” “Commander Gray, we just lost our bluming engine!” exclaimed Jerek. “Dang it, prepare all

  • Hibernation Pods

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    report that discusses the feasibility of the hibernation pod used in the science fiction film Passengers. I will also create a poster and presentation based on the topic I have chosen. This report will fulfill the requirements for ENGI 2304, Technical Communications. 1.2 Background ENGI 2304 requires a report that analyzes the feasibility of the science used in any science fiction film. I will focus on the potentiality of hibernation pods in real life, mainly on how it could be made. 1.3 Scope

  • Yellow Pods Lab

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    2. The yellow pods were not a pure breed; the yellow pods might have looked like they were a pure breed but they weren’t. So the yellow pods were not homozygous (Aa) or heterozygous (AA) they were Aa (heterozygous recessive). The conclusion for the yellow pods (heterozygous dominant) to be a heterozygous recessive in the end is with the influence that the green pods (heterozygous recessive) pollen mixed with the yellow pod’s pollen to make a series of yellow and green pods. 3. For this experiment

  • Sigmund Freud's The Uncanny

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    Today it is the timelessness of it that is uncanny, that eventually the pods got almost everyone. It didn’t matter who you were or what kind of person you are, this deeply repressed fear that we could all become mindless automatons exists, and seeing it represented is deeply disturbing. The uncanny effect exists in several places in this film; the uncanny feeling from seeing someone who looks exactly like you emerge from a pod, the uncanny feeling of knowing something about someone you know is off

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pods

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    PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) was founded in 1998 by Peter Warhurst, he was trying to expand his family’s small storage business (Wikipedia). PODS reinvented the way people could move and store their belongings. A PODS container is delivered directly to the customer’s location for them to load at their leisure. Then, PODS will deliver the container or store it at a storage center. This made moving less stressful, less work,

  • Narrative Essay About Running Away

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    The Deceit Running away was an option, but so was staying. Running away meant leaving the world behind them, but also their parents. Running away meant freedom. *** In 3074 everyone started living under what was advertised as the best quality lifestyle a human could have, it was now 5279 and things weren't looking any better. “LINE UP!” a cold voice yelled as everyone walked out of their houses and formed one line, they walked like zombies, dragging their feet through the grass and stood evenly