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  • City Of God Analysis

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    suffocation; and the inexorable nature of poverty and involvement in a life of organized crime and gang activities through the employment of several editing techniques throughout the length of the film such as split frame simultaneous shots, quick and violent cuts, and POV shots. Notably, these techniques are primarily used when shooting Rocket, the main character of the film and a member of the favela. Rocket’s place in the story is the main vessel for pushing these themes in the story as the film chooses

  • Truth In Ron Howard's Film A Beautiful Mind

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    Ron Howard manipulates responders views of verisimilitude to illustrate that each individual's understanding of truth may be unique. Through careful analysis of filmic devices we as a responder are able to see that in Ron Howard's film A Beautiful Mind that truth can be subjective and also that an external perspective is required to reveal and confirm truth. Howard’s film A Beautiful Mind clearly shows that truth can be subjective, this is seen in many instances throughout the whole film. In the

  • Essay about North by Northwest, by Alfred Hitchcock

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    Once the flirtations between the two in intensify, Hitchcock transitions into using close shots, beginning when Eve discloses her bribe arranging Thornhill being seated with her, and her subsequent reveal that she knows Thornhill wanted for murder. The use of the close shot provides a better, more intimate view of their expressions as they banter back and forth and the sexual innuendos ramp up. Thornhill’s thoughts are particularly evident across his

  • Cinematic Decoding In The Film Gladiator

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    or storyline in the way in which they believe it is meant to be perceived or understood. This is done through the use of Encoding/Decoding, Denotation/Connotation, Symbolism, Iconography, Mise-en-Scene, Editing, Compression of Time, Camera angles/shots, POV and Sound. I will examine how Director Ridley Scott uses these tools in the film “Gladiator”. I will look at which tools are used and the specifics of each tool in relation to this film and what affect these tools have on the audience. Encoding/decoding

  • The Second Film Technique Wilson Yip

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    editing in the same scene with the northern fighter.3 In this scene, Yip uses the close up shot and point of view shot to not only immerse the audience in the action, but also to help the audience relate Ip Man with honor through an especially expressive viewpoint. Many times after Ip Man hits the northern fighter, there is a flury of close up shots of the northern fighter’s face from Ip Man’s point of view, including one just after he gets hit with a duster. The northern fighter wipes his face and

  • Freedom Writers Film Analysis

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    was directed by Richard LaGravanese. Richard used multiple film techniques to help the viewers understand how the characters are feeling, their relationships with other characters and what their personality is like. These techniques include camera shots, costume, and lighting, and they were helpful to create a theme of perseverance. In one scene, room 203 is spending a lot of time to raise money so Miep Gies, an elderly lady who lived through World War II and helped hide Anne Frank, can come visit

  • She By J. Cole Analysis

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    In J. Cole’s music video “She Knows” he tells a story through a juvenile young man's point of view, who is also the visual motif. The video begins with the young man stealing money from his parents. Starting with his title the viewer becomes curious as if this is the thing “She Knows”; and by default “She” being the young man's mother. The message of J.Cole’s video is predominately captured in two different scenes. The first being when the young man's mother gazes at him as he is being dropped off

  • Vertigo Film Techniques Essay

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    highlight her face. As Madeleine passes by Scottie in the restaurant she is bathed in a soft light which makes her all the more noticeable against the backdrop of a dimly-lit restaurant. Furthermore, as she passes by him, she is shown in a full body shot in the center of the frame, which Hitchcock uses to create an overwhelming sense of romance. Here, Madeleine is the desired object clearly separated from her mundane surroundings. The viewer is aggressively confronted with Madeleine’s image and this

  • The Diving Bell And The Butterfly

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    case only his right eye (Glenn 50). By analyzing the cinematography and music we can appreciate Bauby’s perspective in life, which allows us to have a distinct connection to his emotional and physical condition. A title is one of the many main focal points that draw an audience’s attention. With a title one can surmise if a movie is a horror movie or a romantic movie. For example, “The Exorcist” sets off a creepy vibe because of the word “exorcist.” When one looks at the movie title, “P.S. I Love You”

  • Voyeurism In Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window

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    same feelings as Jeff, the audience fears for the safety of Lisa and can sympathize with Jeff. However, the behavior of Lisa and Jeff raises questions of morality. Jeff has good intentions; he wants to know if Thorwald is indeed a murder. But At what point does this go too far? This is an example of how Hitchcock controls the