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  • Mapinfo Case Analysis

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    CE1.13 I used the Raster image option in Mapinfo for generating detailed topographical features and calculating the geographical distances and areas. I developed a two stage process for the creation of raster image. First, I initialized the vector coordinate values of the new location site obtained from the GPS receiver from the database Mapinfo software. Second step was the integration of the scanned aerial photographs obtained from Google Earth and paper map of the site location provided by the

  • What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Bitmap Vs. Vector Graphics?

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    In the presently highly digital world we live in, there are essentially two types of graphic “files” used, the bitmap and the vector graphics. Both have an overall similar principal but differ in various sub-arrays, which bring along each of their own advantages and disadvantages. To begin with, the word bitmap originated in the year 1973, and came to be by adding the words bit + map which literally means a map of bits, which perfectly describes the nature of a bitmap graphic. A bitmap is composed