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  • Robin Lakoff Language And Women's Place Analysis

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    Critic on Robin Lakoff’s “Language and Women’s Place” By Baiq Inggrid Pujianti In 1975 Robin Tolmach Lakoff published her seminal work "Language and women's Place" which instigated Dominance theory which explains that language varies between men and women to the dominance of men in the society. Riding the feminist movement in the 1960s, Lakof brought the language and gender issues into the spotlight because of traditional views against patriarchal which at that time is still trusted. Lakoff sees women

  • The Language Of Oppression

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    Language is common in the world it is the way humans communicate and relate to things with one another.Language is a powerful tool in the world because it can give power to people and can be used to manipulate through renaming people,stereotyping a person and using a euphemistic approach in addressing a person. Language influence can be witnessed in Haig Bosmajian book “The Language Of Oppression” where the essay shares  how language can be used to manipulate Names. Names can be used to bring value

  • Creative Writing: Privacy Settings

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    "Why didn't you change your privacy settings?" "I don't know. Why do you people talk about every aspect of their lives on Facebook? 'I'm gone to the doctor's office.' That's great. Now I can rob you." Sarah took a few deep breaths. "When my parents found out that I'm gay, my dad said that he didn't raise any faggots," Sarah said. "My mother said that being gay is just as bad as being a pedophile. She then slapped me in the face as hard as she could. That's when I left the house. My dad told me

  • George Lakoff Progressives Analysis

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    My English professor instructed my class and me to read a few passages written by George Lakoff a book titled “Don’t Think of an Elephant! Know Your Values and Frame the Debate the essential guide for progressives”. George Lakoff, who is the leading authority in political framing, communicates his metaphor for the “nation as a family” and “government as its parents”, offering his reputation for progressives as the “nurturing parent” who believes “parents are equally responsible for raising the children

  • Metaphors We Live By By George Lakoff And Mark Johnson

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    Book Review of ‘Metaphors We Live By’ by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson In the book ‘Metaphors We Live By’, authors George Lakoff and Mark Johnson delve into the significance metaphors have in our lives. The book presents their argument of conceptual metaphors affecting our daily lives through shaping fundamental thinking processes. Lakoff is a cognitive linguist who has applied the thesis of conceptual metaphor to various other fields, such as politics, philosophy, literature, and even mathematics

  • Charlie-Personal Narrative

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    I sit on a scuffed wooden bench in the company of a lone stroller. Charlie is tucked inside, sleeping peacefully. I woke up early this morning for no reason in particular. Perhaps I’m subconsciously still trying to make up for lost time, being with Charlie and soaking up as much sunlight as possible. The entire town had longed for anything but a gray sky since the beginning of winter and today was finally that day. Spring was coming. The last of the snow has slowly melted away, along with everyone’s

  • The Characteristics Of Batm The Hero Of The Batman

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    to be. Batman for instance, is one of those heroes. Batman or Bruce Wayne, is Gotham’s protector; a fabricated city in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. A graphic novel where the batman has long retired after the death of his heroic sidekick robin, and his sudden return to battle the crime-ridden metropolis. Furthermore, while the batman's actions seem noble and heroic; his means of attaining this dream of a just and uncorrupt Gotham was always twisted. Bruce is an excellent example of mealy-mouthedness

  • Ethical Issues and Decision a Making in a Healthcare Facility: Honesty and Comptetence

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    Ethical issues and decision As a project manager, the most important rule I have to obey is to be honest. Obviously, I will not go with the dishonest suggestion provided by my team member. If we send a ‘demo version’ to the client, I strongly believe that the hospital will apply the prognostic system to their patients even after our warnings. Basically, I need to consider our company’s reputation. If the ‘demo system’ used by mental health care services and it causes accidents, such as misinput

  • I Am My Own Villain And Procrastination

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    It’s a race to the finish line in a typical workday in my world, and that finish line is what I label to be the time clock. I have allowed this small, compact technology device that is screwed into the concrete wall, to control my life Monday through Friday. I know without a doubt, that if I punch that small button on time, the rest of my day is guaranteed to be smooth sailing. You see, I’m not a person that wakes up refreshed, smelling the Folders coffee in the morning, while birds are singing beautifully

  • The Crime And Justice Reflected Within The Ballad Of Robin Hood

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    Introduction Robin Hood is a fictional British outlaw, who represents a defiance against oppression. The ballads and tales of Robin Hood focused on articulating a resistance towards authority and a longing for freedom, which made it extremely popular and relatable for the mass. Popularized later on as a hero, it is nonetheless quite important to note the original and key identity of Robin Hood and his merry men, outlaws. While carrying a noble cause most of the time Robin Hood and his merry men through