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  • Life Of A Collector Coin : Life As A Collector Coin

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    Life as a Collector Coin Bobby the Beaver rubbed his eyes as he woke up in the morning; however, Bobby was no ordinary beaver. As the beaver on the five-cent coin, he worked at the mint. He helped make circulation coins for all the nice people in Canada every day. After making coins for the day, he would go back home to his beaver dam at the Bank of Canada. “A nice morning, eh?” asked Larry the Loon. “Yes,” replied Bobby sleepily. “Get out of bed, sleepyhead!” shouted Cam the Caribou. “Let’s

  • The Treatment Of Women And Lgbt + Community Members

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    and the democratic process to help women and men become more equal, including equal treatment and rights; not only in the eyes of the law (RCMP), but in society, the home and the workplace. To demonstrate, I had the privilege of going to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police depot back in 2015; this is where the cadets do their training because I had a male family member graduate, officially becoming an RCMP officer. I had the chance to view the facility and almost everything it entails, I saw the different

  • The Use of the TASER in the Police Force Essay

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    The Use of the TASER in the Police Force The use of conducted energy weapons in the police force has become increasingly popular since they were introduced only a short while ago. The TASER is claimed to be the safest and most productive type of less lethal force in use today, with a very quick recovery rate and no-long term side effects. The TASER has quickly taken over the harsh use of pepper spray, the brutal force of the baton and in some cases the firearm. However, the TASER has faced massive

  • Bush Pilots Essay

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    In the early years of flying the bush pilots were an essential growth mechanism for northern communities. In time of distress they were there to provide the three core emergency services. The bush pilots served as air ambulances, firefighters and as a tool for policing. One of the other core functions was transportation and a communication conduit to communities where in some places dog sleds were the primary form of transportation. Earlier bush planes utilized aerial survey techniques that were

  • The Rcmp Is A Sexist Institution

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    many jobs in law enforcement fall under. Some of them in particular are the military, correctional service of Canada, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which is also widely known as the RCMP. Therefore, I will be writing about how I support my position on a personal and political concern involving the issue of gender equality and women’s rights in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), which has been an ongoing struggle to equal out the playing field for those women and members of the LGBT+

  • Essay on Billy Bishop

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    one person stood out among the rest, this one was not made a hero, but was born to be one. He was a hero at what he strived to be in life and he has captured the attention of the public like no other solider has done before or since. This great Canadian Air Force Ace became one of the legendary figures in 20th century air warfare. With his daring and dramatic dogfights in France, he achieved a record of 72 kills in his many encounters. His role on the ground during the Second World War training

  • The Secret Lives Of John Wilson Analysis

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    “Glory” and “Scandal”, or in other words Mary and John, two characters from the novel “The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson” who fall in love but eventually end their relationship on a tragic note. Many events occurred through-out the novel that caught my interest such as; the way they fell madly in love, the transition into John becoming more of a ghost then a husband, then a more twisted unforeseen plot that caught most readers entirely by surprise. The love affairs between the characters in the

  • Canadian Air Cadet History

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    History: Royal Canadian Air Cadets was first established in 1938. It started during the beginning of World War 2. It was established to train young men for duties during the war. Prior to 1940 official Air Cadet Squadrons did not exist. One corps was opened up under the Royal Canadian Army Cadets in 1939 under the corps designation of 1601 AIR FORCE CADET WING. With the formation of the Royal Canadian Air Cadet movement, the corps transferred over and was given the designation 111 VANCOUVER. In

  • Essay Conducted Energy Weapons: An Ongoing Debate

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    The use of the Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW) has been a subject under heavy debate throughout its history. A Conducted Energy Weapon is a device that works by “incapacitating volitional control of the body” (White & Ready, 2009), thus rendering the target unable to resist arrest. The TASER® in particular is the most widely used CEW. An article on the RCMP website states that CEW’s were adopted as another means to obtain compliance from resistant or harmful subjects when the police must arrest them

  • Summary Of The Book 'Fly Boy'

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    The book “Fly Boy” is written by Eric Walters and was published on December,28,2010 . The genre of the book is mainly historical fiction. Historical fiction is a literary genre, so the plot takes place from a setting that was located in the past. The setting takes place in Toronto,Ontario where Robbie and his best friend, Chip is waiting for his train. The place of the story occurred in England,Europe, where the problem began. The time of the story was pinpointed at 1943 where World War 2 has begun