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  • The Good Life Is A Process

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    “The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination”. Carl Rogers The father and founder of “Client” centered therapy, Rogers wrote books on the subject of listening to his patients, and allowing them to determine the rate of treatment on their own time line. Rogers was the first to use the terms client, instead of patient, and his “people centered theories” were ground breaking at the time they were introduced. The quote to me; speaks to the very soul of

  • “This I Believe” about the Good Life: What it Means to an Immigrant

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    desires to live a good life and people are always searching for ways to do so. In my case, by moving to the United States, I now have the opportunity to live a good life, but my definition differs from everyone else’s. I believe that living a good life means getting a good education, working hard, family support, willing to adapt new environment, having a leader, and becoming a self-made individual. My family and I moved from Pakistan eleven years ago in search of a better life. Their main purpose

  • The Good Life Is Life

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    The good life is life that should be focused on it’s true denotation, a present body life, not an afterlife. A key aspect of the good life is that it puts goals, dreams, and aspirations in the main focus. The good life is not a refusal of God and eternity, rather places the religious ideas in the background to allow for full pleasure by the individual. In addition, the good life cherishes the small things in life and places importance on the finite, at risk, unique parts in the journey of an individual

  • The Life Of Happiness And The Good Life

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    is when the good life is a happy life, where happiness is the end goal. I will do so first by explaining how Aristotle’s eudaimonia theory found in Nicomachean Ethics is the aim of human life, a theory of happiness that is still relevant today. Secondly I will share the key ingredients in Aristotle’s recipe for happiness and the good life. These include reason and virtues, pleasure and relationships, wealth and success. Lastly, I will explain why I agree with Aristotle that the life of virtue fits

  • A Good Life Is A Life With Purpose

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    Good life is a life with purpose. It is a life where you make the most of everything in any kind of situation, be it good or bad, where in the toughest of times you stay calm, collected and are able to perceiver through. It is a life journeyed through with family, friends and other loved ones. It is one where you don't regret the decisions you make and do not think about what it would have been had you done something differently, i.e. it is a life without any ‘what ifs’. To be loved and to be able

  • Quality Of Life As A Good Life

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    Quality of life (QOL) means a good life and we believe that a good life is the same as living a life with a high quality. This may seem evident, but it is necessary to make such a simple clarification, because medical jargon often uses very narrow concepts of the quality of life (for example, side effect profiles). Medical advertisements often depict the quality of life as one factor among many, on a par with other improvements that a certain medical product promises. In this work, the quality of

  • The Father And Founder Of Client

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    client, instead of the patient, and his “people centered theories” were groundbreaking at the time they were introduced. The quote to me; speaks to the soul of human beings. Not only to the very soul of humans, but the soul of nature itself. That life itself is a process that we all must go through. As I grow older (I am not what you would call a traditional student!) I understand this quote more and more. Not just in terms of therapy, in terms that are much broader. I can think of several examples

  • Good And Good Life In Plato's Life Worth Living?

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    of what distinguishes between good and bad action, and lives that are worth living ( pg. 84). Therefore, just as Dr. Kolondy is the expert on teeth a Philosopher is an Expert of what makes for a good life. Plato believes that because the knowledge that differentiates good and bad actions requires “extensive expertise” than only those who have spent years mastering this complicated subject should be able to advise ( pg 85). He believe that to accurately determine a life worth living it takes someone

  • Thucydides vs. Plato

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    Paper about Thucydides versus Plato on the nature of the Good Life 1: Thucydides versus Plato on the nature of the Good Life. Some have claimed that Thucydides is making empirical claims, whereas Plato is making normative claims. Is that true? Support your answer in your paper. Plato and Thucydides together had strikingly dissimilar views on their tactic on the good life. Many have demanded that Plato is making normative rights, whereas Thucydides has made empirical claims. Let's first take

  • Paul's Case Essay

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    he had ever seen in his life, and yet live just as he had throughout his life. He wanted to live in style, the way the rich folks did. So, Paul spent the money within a week on all the best clothes, the best food, the best hotel room, the best flowers, and the best life. The money disappeared within a week and Paul was forced to leave it all behind and return to the dreariness of middle class existence. Paul's damaged psyche could not bear to return the living-dead life that he hoped he had left