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  • The Medical Field Of Phlebotomy

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    that comes to mind? Is it hunting, an accident, a vampire, or maybe just the word disgusting? When I hear “blood” the first words that come to my mind are the words “my future”. My future career choice is in the medical field of phlebotomy. A phlebotomist is someone who draws and analyzes blood samples taken from the patient. Before you begin your career in phlebotomy, you should do some research on the job description, dangers, education requirements, salary and the career outlook. Phlebotomy

  • Explain Why I Want To Be A Phlebotomist

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    There are many reasons why I want to become a phlebotomist. First of all, I have enjoyed my past experiences of working in the medical field as a CNA and USAF medical technician. As a CNA I mostly worked with the elderly. As a medical technician I worked all over the military hospitals to include the ER, Lab, and OB/GYN. I put my career on hold to raise my family. Now my children are of age and I decided it was time to get myself back to what I love, which is helping and caring for others. When

  • Phlebotomist: Medicine and Health Care Support Essay

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    Phlebotomist April L. Rosser Ivy Tech Community College Phlebotomist I have always wanted to work in health care and help people but I did not want to be a nurse or directly involved in individualized health plans. I wanted to work behind the scenes. I became a CPhT and went to work right away at my local hospital. Life was wonderful! I was helping sick people feel better and doing something worthwhile that came along with the means to help support my family comfortably. Then that dreadful

  • A Hidden Risk

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    the specimen with utmost care and caution. It is crucial for healthcare workers, especially phlebotomists, to practice proper standard precautions to prevent the spread of contagions and blood borne pathogens. The patient mentioned above would be a prime example for why such measures are taken and why the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has implemented particular protections. Every day phlebotomists are exposed to various infections, therefore, it is crucial that their daily practice concerning

  • Phlebotomy

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    Three Reasons to Consider Phlebotomy as a Career Path If you are not familiar with the word phlebotomy, it simply refers to the practice of drawing blood for the purpose of lab testing. Those who do this type of work are referred to as phlebotomists, and becoming one can be a fast track to a career in the health care field. The following are among the best reasons to think about pursuing this type of employment. The training is fast and convenient Unlike many other areas of health care, the training

  • Personal Statement: Why I Want To Become A Nurse

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    was also suffering from kidney failure that finally forced me to leave my family to come to the united states to get proper treatment. When I became old enough I went to school and became certified as a nursing assistant and a phlebotomist. To succeed at my goal of becoming a nurse practitioner I realized that I must first obtain a bachelor of science in nursing. For a short-term goal, I am determined to get my associates of science at the Community College of Aurora. I know that

  • The History Of Blood Transfusion

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    The History of Blood Transfusion: Techniques and Discoveries that have Launched Transfusions into Modern Day Transfusion medicine began only 200 years ago and has been perfected in the last 50 years (Ness, & Schmidt, 2006). There are still new discoveries and new technologies being made in the field of blood transfusions. Blood transfusions today are used to treat blood loss, anemia, and other hemolytic diseases. Over 200 years ago blood was believed to have many different uses. During this time

  • Explain Why I Want To Become A Pediatric Psychiatrist

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    anybody with a degree can be rich, and he has encouraged me to pursue something challenging and rewarding, and something that I take pleasure in. My parent’s unending support, encouragement, and advice helped me determine which career field to pursue becoming a pediatric psychiatrist, a doctor who specializes in children who have psychological issues. While it is obviously not the easiest road to travel on, I have already begun my journey into entering the medical field. For example, I am enrolled in

  • My Life Of Becoming A Parent

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    main characteristic that have influenced my life. Becoming a parent, has taught me what love is and to never take someone for granted. I don’t consider myself a friend to many people only to a few that understand me and knows what I am about in regards to being a friend. Also I consider myself a dedicated employee. being these things, a parent, a friend, and an employee have made me become who I am today. I never thought that becoming a mom would change my life the way it has. I have

  • Essay New Time

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    MY JOURNEY TO BECOMING A MEDICAL ASSISTANT I remember when I first walked through the doors of Sanford Brown College in January of 2011. I was on a journey to do more with myself and my life. I choose Sanford Brown because I always loved working in the medical field. I’ve had many jobs in this field, home attendant, personal care aide and medical assistant. I enjoy helping people who can’t help themselves; it makes me feel like I’m doing a good deed for those in need. My first class was Medical