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    2. METHODOLOGY The methodology that we adopted in the present study consists of first our research site, then the population and afterwards the sampling and analysis method. 2.1 Research Site Our research site was Collège Privé MBF d’Abobo.” This school of secondary education was at its first participation as an examination center in July 2017. The management of the school made available 25 classrooms in order to welcome all the candidates of the “baccalauréat 2017”. 2.2 Research Population

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    The Complications of Sexuality in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Gawain's travels in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight suggest a world in which home--i.e., Camelot--is "normal," while away--the opposing castle of Hautdesert where Gawain perforce spends his Christmas vacation--is "other," characterized by unfamiliarity, dislocation, perversity. And in fact the atmosphere at Hautdesert appears somewhat peculiar, with various challenges to "normal" sexual identity, and with permutations of physical

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