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  • The Realism Of Realism And Film

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    The aesthetics of realism in each film can be utilized in many diverse ways to offer certain truths about the world of the film to further express the film’s story. These theatrical elements emphasize what the film attempts to relay to the audience; moreover, it intensifies the authenticity of each aspect of the film. The use of real people, on-camera interviews, textual information, and of direct address to the camera displays the realism of each film. Textual information is shown in This is Spinal

  • Make A Change: Vote Essay

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    Many people keep complaining about how the government is a complete failure, but if you do your part and vote, you can make a change in the government system. Voting is your opinion on paper that could make a change in America on how a leader runs this country. Americans should have the ability to vote and voice their opinion but a lot of us do not take advantage of freedom of speech. It is our responsibility as citizens to elect officials that we feel will be honest. These officials need to

  • The Debate Over America Needs Change Now More Than Ever And Vote For Your Own Candidate?

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    “If Americans simply choose to vote for the person who has a D or an R by their name, we will get what we deserve, which is what we have now.” America is at a crossroads. Who should we vote for - the people the parties want or for our own candidate? Let 's say you decide to vote for Donald Trump but the Republican Establishment says not to vote for him and to vote for someone they endorse. Now you may be thinking, “I am a Democrat and wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump anyway.” This also applies

  • The Importance Of Voting In The United States

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    Voting is important As a US Citizens we must vote not only for our voices to be heard, but to make sure we choose the right candidate and lastly to get credibility for voting. Voting is our voice and it must be heard in order to resolve some issues. Voicing our opinions is so important in the United States of America and to our community. When you vote you choose a person who has simpler values you do. If you don’t vote, you’re allowing others to speak for you and that may result in the wrong

  • The Relationship Between Citizens And Government

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    As people started to form societies, they decided that they needed to create organizations to regulate activities inside and outside of their countries. It led to the creation of the relationship between citizens and government in a form of social contract. Social contract, an idea of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, is understood as an agreement between the citizens of a country and their government in which people give away some of their freedom to the government in order to benefit of its protection and

  • The Amendment Of The United States Constitution

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    The right to vote for American citizens is the fifteen amendment of the United States constitution. In this amendment, no citizen may be deny to vote base on color or race. For this, many more citizens of the United States are able to vote, even if they are a minority. However, the United States does not have a high turnout rate on elections. As a result, voter participation has an effect on public policies; additionally, Americans do not have a strong ethical duty to vote. Therefore, politicians

  • Persuasive Essay On The Electoral College

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    citizens feel it should be changed? The Electoral College has worked for more than 200 years, therefore this is not a reason to change this form of election to a more Democratic form. However, it is coherent why some feel there should be a change. Although to many this may be questionable, it was chosen by the framers and it has worked since then, so there is no reason to change it. The framers argued whether or not they should have an Electoral College or a more democratic form of elections. Back then

  • Importance Of Voting In America

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    In America you can vote, why?; because we have a democracy in which people are in charge and vote for what they want and believe in. Voting is a constitutional right in which all American citizens have such as my parents. My parents vote in what they believe in and my mom is even a politician so people vote for her. It's important to vote because we can express our opinions and it could change our future. Opinion, everyone uses it from the president to an average joe, so what is one of

  • Why There Is Important To Vote

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    important to vote is because as Americans we have the responsibility to vote. Another reason is because every time you vote you are helping others. The last reason is voting can change communities, make a difference in your state, and country. A person vote makes sure there is a quality among all people within the United States a voter. As an American we feel like our responsibility to vote. People of all races have equal votes. When it is time to vote it is our responsibility to vote. The vote of an uneducated

  • Electoral College Wrong

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    Wrong for The United States Imagine a world where the United States people do not vote, or have a say in their President, this may be the case in the future. The Electoral College has been part of the United States voting system for the President and Vice President for over two-hundred years, and it is still going on today without much changes to it. In brief, the electoral college are who the people vote for to vote for the President and Vice President. Although the electoral college has been around