1.3 How/Why Problem Was Selected. There Had Been Increasing

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1.3 How/why problem was selected There had been increasing negative reports in the media about the quality of health care in Trinidad and Tobago. The problem was selected because it was deemed to be a critical issue confronting the organization as it sought to provide services to the public with budget cutbacks, and ensure that the services provided met certain minimum quality requirements/standards. The problem had intrinsic importance as it affected staff performance in the organization. It should be emphasized at this stage that the emphasis was on staff members’ ability to provide/deliver quality health care, even with a significant reduction in resources, once they perceived their leaders’ willingness to themselves adapt to the…show more content…
As governance is such an expansive topic, the following paragraphs will study types of leadership style, especially in the public area, taking cognizance of the financial conditions which Trinidad endured since the start of the global financial crisis in 2015. During this current economic downturn some employees are experiencing a new type of leader emerging within their organizations. It seems no longer viable to just have managers within organizations, they are looking for great leaders to influence and affect their surroundings for the benefits of the organization and the employees. Bennis and Nanus (1985) suggest “Managers do things right” but leaders “do the right things”. However, Mintzberg (1973) argues that leadership traits are part of the managers’ overall role. Mintzberg (1973) identified 3 areas; Interpersonal, Informational and Decisional which would seem appropriate for any manager or great leader to possess. These areas covered qualities such as Spokesperson, Figurehead, Resource Allocator, and Negotiator. Leaders are responsible for ensuring that employees of an Organization develop and work towards their strategic goals. Individuals of an Organization are their best asset; their unique attributes help move an organization forward. Therefore, it is
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