10 Reasons Why You Are Always Exhausted

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10 Reasons Why You Are Always Exhausted
Insufficient sleep isn’t the only one causing you to feel constantly sluggish. There are those tiny things you do and don’t do that contribute to your seemingly chronic weakness, depleting both your physical and mental energy. With no fuel to help you accomplish your daily tasks, being tired all the time can eventually compromise your personal and professional life.
Here are 10 poor habits that can contribute to your never-ending fatigue:
1. You skip exercise when you’re exhausted
It’s understandable when you do, but remember that intentionally missing your exercise to save energy can work against you instead of the opposite. Essentially, regular workouts increase strength and stamina, helping your cardiovascular system to function without any …show more content…

You’re always expecting the worst
If you’re always anxious about things and situations even when there’s no reason to be, you’re setting yourself to be paralyzed by anxiety that can eventually drag down your mental energy. When you notice you’re thinking negative thoughts, take a deep breath and wonder how possible is it for the worst to really take place. It’ll be helpful to go outdoors, meditate, exercise, or share your concerns with someone.
6. You don’t eat in the morning
Food fuels your body constantly, even when you sleep using the food you consumed at dinner the previous night. Therefore, when you wake up in the morning, you need to refuel by eating breakfast. If you skip it, you’ll feel exhausted even when you haven’t started doing your job. Eating a nutritious meal in the morning ignites a fire in your body by initiating your metabolism.
7. You mostly eat junk food
Foods that are high in sugar and simple carbs are on the top spot of the glycemic index (GI), which is a marker of how swiftly carbohydrates boost sugar. Consistent blood sugar surges followed by notable decreases lead to exhaustion throughout the day, ruining whatever plan you have.
8. Your desk is

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