2 interne Case text Growers cup FINAL Essay

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AP degree in Marketing Management

2nd internal exam - Written and oral exam
Interdisciplinary case examination
19. January 2015 at 10.00 – 21. January 2015 at 10.00
You are not allowed to contact the case company!

This paper consists of three questions, which are all included in the total assessment of the exam paper by the following indicative weighting:

Question 1: 20%
Question 2: 60%
Question 3: 20% In total: 100%

The paper consists of 13 pages + front-page and enclosures A, B, C, D
48 hour – re -exam.


1. Instructions 3
1.1 The written part 3
1.2 The oral part 3
1.3 The Grower’s Cup Case material 4
2. The Scenario 5
2.1 History and company profile 5
2.2 Products 6
2.3 Promotion 7
2.4 Hot Drinks in …show more content…

The Scenario

You are, as a marketing consultant at Grower’s Cups, been asked to re-evaluate and design the strategy towards the Norwegian market. Below and in the enclosures you will find information to solve the task. However you are expected to do furtherer desk research on your own.

2.1 History and company profile

Coffeebrewer Nordic A/S is the company behind the Grower’s Cup brand. They are a small and innovative Danish company located in Middelfart that have decided to “battle” with the big boys and all their machines. The company is founded in 2008 and their small office, artisan roastery, and packing facility is established in an old restored farm building, nestled in a hilly landscape, surrounded by forests and the sea.

Innovator and Managing Director Ulrik Skovgaard Rasmussen states:
“It all started an afternoon in 2002, I found out that I had run out of paper filters for my dripmaker and being pretty annoyed with the situation – I thought, “why isn’t it possible to brew a decent cup of coffee without machines or special brewing equipment”?
After many years of research, development of a number of different brewing concepts, tests, thousands of prototypes, and the engineering of new production technology, we are now ready to launch what is probably the most innovative and revolutionary coffee concept seen for decades.”
Grower’s Cup has

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