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What we need to know about our product is whether it’s appropriate for the needs and requirements of the customers in the world today. Product is the beginning of any business for it to work well, we need to look at the product from a point of view of an marketing consultant and see from the outsider point of view whether we are doing it right or not.
The liao yan steak restaurant have no problem with the product they are providing. They provide a unique variety and give service differently from the normal college campus food points. They also provide good ambience and service for a date night which is in accordance with the students and their likings.
Compared to the student cafeteria liao yan is a quiet and peaceful place to sit …show more content…

As they do now display a lot of pictures and colors outside the restaurant and its well maintained and decorated from the inside this will be vain If a customer is not attracted to the place and that will happen only when they think in accordance with the students they are catering to.
The place where the actual product and service is being sold is the fourth P of the marketing mix. The location where the service is being given or the customers meets and come face to face with the seller. This place or location has to be very effective for the restaurant to run at a growing pace. The selling point of the service and product offer can always chance and bringing innovation in this can also be an attractive thing to do. Various firms have their own selling place some give door to door service while come have fixed places or stores. Here in this case the restaurant does not provide and delivery service they just serve on the table and also have pre booking facility through phone internet and other media forms. To make an effective presence deciding the place or the point of sales is very important. The best location is where the customers prefer to come at any point of the in this case the 2nd floor of the campus has all other restaurants and cafeterias this place is apt but what can be done is that they start providing delivery services

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