A Brief Note On Conflict Management And Negotiation

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Option 2: Exploring Negotiations - Gender Tanya Schankel MGT470 - Conflict Management and Negotiation Colorado State University - Global Campus Dr. Bonnie Adams February 5, 2017 Option 2: Exploring Negotiations - Gender Why are women reluctant to negotiate? In a country that values self-reliance and independence, there appears to be a cultural divide between men and women when it comes to negotiation and its practice. According to Babcock, Laschever, Gelfand, and Small (2003), in business, women are less likely than men to negotiate for themselves and as a result see their male coworkers earn higher salaries and receive quicker promotions. But women 's avoidance of negotiation does not only occur in business, it occurs in many areas of …show more content…

Women should have a clear idea of what a win will look like and the point in which they will stop negotiating or their resistance point. According to Lewicki, Barry, and Saunders, (2011) good preparation is having a clear goal. For example, a 10 percent salary increase rather than I want a raise. However, to identify this goal, one must also do research to determine the value of the item to be negotiated. For example, when asking for a raise, women should research what salaries others are receiving for similar work by checking the bureau of labor statistic and web sites like glass door. Once a market value has been determined, women can have a better idea of what is a realistic and achievable goal and then determine their opening bid and resistance point based on this information. According to the Kellogg School of Management. (2015), women often start negotiations with too low of an opening bid. Women 's undervaluation of worth perpetuates the cycle of never quite catching up to what men achieve. This also communicates to the other party that women believe they deserve less. One way to combat this common pitfall is through strategic negotiation actions. Strategic Planning Second, women must be strategic in determining if they will negotiate; what tactics they will utilize in order to achieve a successful outcome; and how they will handle the various negotiation styles one can encounter in a negotiation and preserve their reputation, power, and/or

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