A Business Plan For Tat Strategy After Forming A Strong Relationship With The Recruiter Based On Trust

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In this negotiation I would adopt a tit-for-tat strategy after forming a strong relationship with the recruiter based on trust. Having established a rapport I would seek to make the first offer using strong anchors then offer concessions in small instalments. The rationale behind this strategy is to build trust so that I can accommodate the needs and interests of the recruiter into my offer. By sticking to my BATNA and strong anchoring early it would allow me to have room to make concessions. I would seek to approach this negotiation with an open mind and with the intent to validate and/or challenge any preconceptions I had going into it. I take careful and considered approach in which my emotions don’t take hold during the negotiation.

The Build up
In the build up to making the first offer I would increase my likeability in an attempt to uncover existing similarities between the recruiter and I (Cialdini, 2001). Increasing likeability is important because it assists in the establishment of trust and rapport providing a starting platform from which to begin the negotiation (Malhotra, 2014; Cialdini, 2001). In this negotiation the candidate needs to prove to the recruiter that they are the best candidate and can successfully get the MEDWARE program up and running, preferably ahead of time. Therefore I would try to explicitly demonstrate my expertise with the MEDWARE program (Cialdini, 2001). I would make reference to my track record, highlighting my unique skills and…
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