A City That Lost Its Law Enforcement

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Image a city that lost its law enforcement support or they just vanished. Depending on the type of city, it may survive for a day, possibly months. Eventually the word would spread, like a virus. Individuals with all sorts of negative agendas would arrive one at a time. The crime rate would skyrocket, homes being burglarized, cars been stolen, property being vandalized, and overall mere chaos. The only way to regain control of the city would be to fight for it. There would be a need for some sort of law enforcement presents to recapture control and return the city to what it was. Utilize an information technology device can be scary, not that scary, but can add unnecessary worries to an individual or organization. There are so many…show more content…
To be able to understand how to protect your system you must understand why it needs to be protected. Information technology provides the ability to almost anywhere you want to be. It also provides the ability to drive a unique force, build greater dreams, and for some users it is a way to keep secrets or scared memories. These items are protected by the ability to ensure C.I.A. or also known confidentiality, integrity, availability. When these items are combined they are known as the “C-I-A triad or the security triad”. (Plegger, 2012, p.12) The C.I.A functions together, each piece relies on each other to work properly. Any type of password or authentication failure affects the course of C.I.A triad, it is like cutting off the leg of a chair, it will not hold up. If all your documents are saved on a computer and it is stolen you lose the availability of the documents. If you give your password out or provide unauthorized individuals access to certain folders they have the ability to change documents and provide deceitful information. Confidentiality is being able to protect information. It is the process of keeping certain items private and not viewed by unauthorized individuals, outside or inside parties, a need to know. Depending on the subject’s position, title, job title or extra duties the user has requested will depend on the type of information or need to know
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