A City That Lost Its Law Enforcement

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Image a city that lost its law enforcement support or they just vanished. Depending on the type of city, it may survive for a day, possibly months. Eventually the word would spread, like a virus. Individuals with all sorts of negative agendas would arrive one at a time. The crime rate would skyrocket, homes being burglarized, cars been stolen, property being vandalized, and overall mere chaos. The only way to regain control of the city would be to fight for it. There would be a need for some sort of law enforcement presents to recapture control and return the city to what it was. Utilize an information technology device can be scary, not that scary, but can add unnecessary worries to an individual or organization. There are so many different attacks a malicious user can conduct. Some of these attacks are bluntly obvious, while others take a professional to review logs, to even realize that an attack has occurred. Now that the attack has occurred, what happen to the network or the information, how much data was taken, lost, or deleted. When two subjects are in a physical altercation, they both understand that someone is going to get hurt. As a fist flies, the other subject is aware that it will hurt when it arrives; as it lands the subject is aware of the area it has damaged. After the altercations the subjects are able to attend to the wounds that they have sustained. Individuals and organization need to be aware of the different types of attacks, what the…
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