A Critical Synthesis : Interior Design

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A critical Synthesis: Interior Design
Randy Rodriguez
Western Kentucky University
English 300

Introduction Architecture is certainly among the oldest sector that dates back to approximately 3000 B.C. Man was in dire demand for shelter and basic infrastructure to help live a sustainable lifestyle (Attoe, 1978). The ancient infrastructure was purely engineered using the aboriginal talent acquired from the informal training activities practised across different societies.
The quality of architecture in the early ages therefore was determined by the skills acquired from an informal training specifically offered by the elderly and experienced men in a certain society. Infrastructural development at this ancient age dealt with the basic knowledge of building small scale structure to support the daily requirements of a specific society. Architecture at this dispensation dealt with the simple small scale issues as per the demand of a certain society (Margolin, 1989). The demand of improved infrastructure and the increase in population however led to massive demand of architectural services. Due to the enormous human beings population; the aboriginal architectural norms could not meet the demand hence required a change in the nature of architectural designs and strategies basically to meet the exploding demand of secure, affordable and durable infrastructure across the globe (Capon, 1999). The aboriginal norms have since been replaced by new

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