Key Design Elements In Interior Design By Piero Fornasetti

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A pioneer of mischief and illusion, Piero Fornasetti was a force to be reckoned with, when it would come to creating unique interiors. The report ahead is a discussion of how Fornasetti utilised the key design elements in interior design. Born on the 10th November 1913 he grew to be proficient in great taste and unique thought. Fornasetti created a world of metaphorical allusions, a world of which he reinvented and reformed. The work he created was a passionate display of understanding, what is needed to create an effective space. His own meditation of themes he collected throughout his life, was possibly a way of contemplating different notions and concepts; through an array of materials and mediums; with the key values in
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However, Italy lacked in modern design. Fornasetti decided to take things further and employ a unique modern look at the world of design. His range of classic ceramic plates of an enigmatic women’s face (Lina Cavalieri), leaped him into the world of fame and contemporary design. Perhaps the beauty of various objects he created, “is that you can’t fully explain” them. His attachment to an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create optical illusions in objects, allowed for him to create his assortment of inimitable objects; such as magazine racks, candle holders and so forth. His famous Adam and Eve plates were based on invisible elements. The hallucination of a body, which is fragmented but nevertheless completed.
A necessity to Fornasetti’s exclusive designs was his use of various textures. The diverse fo and materials used breaks down a design and give it a variety of roles. He was deeply concerned with decoration of surfaces, allowing him to explore materials such as; mineral powders, metal, linoleum, lead, plastics and even Malachite. Some would say he had a fixation with the rare green stone, as he imitated it in many different contexts, some of which were impossible to create. It wasn’t until 1947 that he was in ore of patterns created with Seashells, allowing depth in his interiors and a new distinctive texture.
Mind-bending surrealism was a key value of
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