The Importance Of Volunteer Work At A Daycare

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I did my volunteer work at a local daycare in my hometown, Tahlequah. The site is called Tahlequah Early Learning Academy (TELA) and is a side site to Cherokee Nation Early Childhood Unit. I did not know of this center until I did my volunteer work. I really didn’t even know the building was in use because it use to be the old central for grades 5th and 6th. This building is located a couple of blocks west of Tahlequah High School.
Conversely, upon doing the volunteer work, I came to find out that the center is not a daycare at all. People confuse it with a daycare because young children stay here while parents and families attend work or school. The center is different from a daycare because there is a curriculum and the staff are teachers. They must obtain a Child Development Credential within one year of hire and must keep up with a personal developmental ladder. The teachers are certified or trained in CPR, first aid, intruders, safety procedures and child abuse and neglect.
For a child to be admitted into the center, they must fill out an application and then are posted on a waiting list. The waiting list is based on a point system and ranked according to priority, which determines eligibility and the highest eligibility are families whom are homeless, Native American, and low income. This particular site is dedicated to high students that have children, high school students are high priority for eligibility. The hours of operation for the center are similar to the
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