A Description Of A Project Communication Plan

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A description of a project communication plan The key to good communication is knowing and keeping the information flowing to the right people and in the right direction. A good project manager needs to have good communication skills that includes effectively presenting the issues, listening and acting on feedback, from the team member and stakeholders. Information needs to flow up and down the chain as well as side to side to make sure everybody is up to date and on track. From the beginning of the project, everyone involved should establish which means of communication, type, format and the frequency they will need to be updated. Some will want a face to face meeting with a slide show presentation; some will want an email report or in house memos of what is going on and what is needed; some may just want a phone call or video conference to just let them know everything is good and still on track for completion on time. The stakeholder will get a weekly company meeting, where they will be updated on the progress that has been made and any road blocks that we have encounter doing the week. All team member will have a daily meeting as need to clear up any problem or if there is any changes that need to be updated to the head office and stakeholders. Thing that should be contained within a project communication plan are: 1. Project communication strategy 2. The kick off meeting 3. Roles and responsibilities of each team member 4. Change control communications when needed 5.

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