A Brief Note On The Project Communication Management

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2.7 PROJECT COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT Effective communication of messages to students and parents was the basis of making any communications decisions. A key limiting factor was that students are not always reliable at reading and passing messages on. This was based on knowledge gained from organisational process assets. Consequently, it was necessary to communicate messages to both parents and students to increase the chances of the message being received. Where possible technology was used to provide updates, with the main information about the ball being given as paper documents after a meeting to the students, in the form of an invitation. We also provided all of the information on the internet so it was freely available to both students and parents in case they had lost the previous information given. There was little need to communicate with the St Peter’s staff that were not involved in the project. When this was necessary it was done through the project sponsor, not the project team. Communication within the project team was at the fortnightly meetings, and through email in-between these times. It was necessary to communicate with students and parents, as they were the clients of the ball. Accordingly, this knowledge area is of significance to the project, as without it no one would have known the details of the ball, and we would not have sold many tickets. Subsequently, it was essential to have effective communication with these groups. However, communication
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