A General Overview of Biology

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Biology What is Biology? Biology is the scientific study of living things and their vital processes. There are more than 10 million species of living things on Earth. They range from microscopic bacteria to huge blue what and towering redwood trees. Living things vary from where and how they live. Types of Biology Biology is a broad subject and that is why it is subdivided into separate branches for convenience of study. The four main subdivided branches are:  Botany-the study of plants  Zoology-the study of animals  Morphology-the study of the structure of organisms  Physiology-the function of organisms Yet there are 9 other types of well known branches of biology:  Ichthyology-the study of fishes  Mycology-the study of fungi  Microbiology-the study of microorganisms  Protozoology-the study of one-celled animals  Herpetology-the study of amphibians and reptiles  Entomology-the study of insects  Physical Anthropology-the study of mankind  Molecular Biology-the study of chemical structures of biological phenomena  Synthetic Biology-the study of biological systems What biologists study Certain biologists study organisms that live in specific environments. Marine biologists investigate life in the ocean just like ornithologists study birds. Cytologists deal with the structure composition and functions of cells whereas embryologists investigate the formation and development of animals and plants before they become independent organisms.
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