A Housekeeping Service Business Plan Version B Essay

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A Housekeeping Services Business Plan Version B
Situation Analysis
Surroundings are one of the factors that may influence customers’ choice of housekeeping services. For example, they would prefer a clean and safe environment. Consequently, such businesses put more effort into ensuring that their services meet and even exceed customers’ satisfaction. A clean environment includes internal and external factors that affect business operations. The first group includes the features within the business while the second one refers to those outside a company. Since such factors determine the success of housekeeping business, understanding them is critical in achieving its objectives.
Internal Environment
Management. The internal organization of a business is determined by its operations. A clear line of communication among all departments ensures satisfactory service delivery and helps to avoid bureaucracy. It is one of the most important factors since an organization can be effective only when it divides its services into small manageable parts.
Financial Changes. A business cannot operate without money. Finances are an important variable that determines how a company conducts its operations. Quality services can be provided only when it has a sufficient budget.
Employees’ Morale. Performance is directly proportional to employees’ morale. When they are confident in the ultimate success, they are more likely to perform as well as possible, which leads to improved performance.

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