A Interview At Advani 's Employment At Tusk Essay

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Ms. Advani commenced her employment at Tusk in or around the year 2001. During her employment with Tusk, Ms. Advani was promoted on multiple occasions and usually earned $75,000 annually. Ms. Advani performed many duties, including, but not limiting to: achieving ensuring revenue goals are met, prospecting and developing new client relationships within a defined market, consulting with clients on business issues, developing innovative proposals, managing and mentoring a team and resolving sales or delivery issues, etc. Ms. Advani has been a stellar employee at Tusk. Ms. Advani has been satisfactorily performing her duties and responsibilities since her hire. During Ms. Advani’s employment with Tusk at the store located at 242 West 26th Street New York, New York 11001. Hiten K. Mansetta was the owner of the business. Mr. Mansetta subjected her to numerous incidents of sexual harassment. The harassment commenced in or about February 2015, when Mr. Mansetta discovered Ms. Advani separated from her husband, who was living in India. Mr. Mansetta would refer to himself as a King and Ms. Advani as her Queen making Ms. Advani feel uncomfortable. Mr. Mansetta would not behave in this matter towards the other employees. Furthermore, from February 2015 to April 2015, Mr. Mansetta began to display more attention towards Ms. Advani. On or about April 2015, Mr. Mansetta invited Ms. Advani to a business dinner. Throughout the entire night, Mr. Mansetta expressed flirtous gestures

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