A Report On New Nordic Canada 's Digital Marketing Campaign

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MEMORANDUM TO: Mr. John Peterson, CEO of New Nordic Canada
FROM: Ahmed Haydar, Marketing Executive Manager
SUBJECT: Social Media
DATE: February 17th, 2015

Dear Mr. Peterson

The attached report, is a business case designed by the Marketing management team, which represents our findings regarding incorporating social media platforms into New Nordic Canada’s digital marketing campaign.

Our report includes an assessment of current top social media platforms, benefits, monitoring strategies, organizational approaches, costs and their forecasted impact on the growth of our products and services.

The digital marketing action plan outlined in our report reflects the results of our research in similar fields within a national and international marketplace.

We are especially grateful to the Marketing team , in particular the members of the digital marketing group, for their input. I look forward to discussing our recommendations with you and will be happy to meet with you and your staff regarding our report and its exciting implications for New Nordic Canada.


Ahmed Haydar


Social media plays an important role in how products and services are discovered researched, and information is shared. As a matter of fact 60% of consumers found information on products and services through searches on multiple online sources such as networking sites. Active users of social media are more likely to read product reviews online, and 3 out of 5 create their

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