A Report On Royal Construction Essay

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Introduction Royal Construction is one of the consistent house construction companies. It has been in existence for the last twenty years, with an objective of meeting the requirements of their clients and satisfying them by offering the best possible results. Recently, the company was awarded a contract of constructing a house in Ohio with Mr. Smith. He decided to offer this tender to the company because he learnt that the company offers good services at a reasonable price. The project was scheduled to take one year covering the basement, ground floor and first floor. The project is estimated to cost USD 140,536. The above description is recorded in the contract signed by both parties. This paper seeks to provide a description of human resources, communications, stakeholders, procurement, planning and control of quality in this particular project. Stakeholders The main stakeholder in this project is our client who is Mr. Smith. The other stakeholders are our suppliers. These are referred to as the outside stakeholders. Within Royal Constructions, project charter has a vital stake in the project thus project manager is among the key stakeholders and the company as a whole. Identify Stakeholders Identify Stakeholders refers to the procedure of finding every individual or association impacted by the project (Ackermann and Eden, 2011). It refers to individuals who are at the stake of a particular project (Ackermann and Eden, 2011). Inputs Every input in this project is
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