A Report On The Maumee Location Of Maritzcx

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The Maumee location of MaritzCX is a large branch containing about 400 employees, and mostly focuses on the automotive clients that the company caters to, along with a few other projects. These employees consist of about 200 full-time staff, which are broken into various teams depending on the department that they are in and the client that they serve. The other 200 employees are mainly part-time, with a few exceptions for supervisory roles, and make up our data entry and call center departments. The Human Resources Interns and Human Resources Assistant work under the Human Resources Manager at the Maumee location and collaborate closely with the full-time supervisory staff in the call center. Due to the large volume of employees that the…show more content…
Beyond that, I have to perform initial assessments which candidates should likely move forward in the phone screening process for the intern position. Taking notes on resumes about which candidates were and were not impressive during the process. Interviewing consists of a two part process: a five to ten minute long phone interview and an approximately half hour long in-person interview. Phone interviews are done on almost every resume received for the Call Center Interviewer position at MaritzCX, besides those candidates that have applied to/worked for the company and are not eligible to be reconsidered for various reasons. The phone screen gathers information on why the candidate is seeking employment with the company, their preferences for working part-time and second shift, and how they heard about the company. If candidates cannot meet the scheduling requirements or do not have a clear phone voice (based on a rating scale that outlines how to rate each candidate as objectively as possible), then they will not move on to the interview process. Otherwise, the candidate will be selected to move forward. During the interview, each candidate conducts a typing test and reading test to ensure they meet the minimum qualifications for the job and is asked a series of behavior-based questions regarding past employment or
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