The Phone Screens

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Before the phone screens take place, Intuit recruiters send potential job candidates online assessments that contain questions and exercises. The online assessments are skill based, and the candidates who have the highest scores on them are able to advance to the phone interviews. The phone screens depends on the role. The phone screens are intended to see if the job candidates are a good fit for the company and if their skills match what they are passionate about in the role. Overall, the phone screens are primarily behavioral based, and that they use this stage of the evaluation process on how they will perform in the future. If they were to demonstrate what skills they used in certain situations, software engineers would have to say how they solved it. When assessing for certain behaviors, Intuit recruiters would ask candidates about how they acted in certain scenarios, including (but not limited to) how they were able to influence others, and how they handled a project that went haywire and how did they do in order to solve it. Once someone moves onto the on-site interview process, they have a 25% chance of getting hired. When determining who should assess prospective job candidates, their interview process involves four people. Two of those people are called awesome assessors. This concept of assessing was taken from Amazon’s bar raiser program. The people who are chosen as awesome assessors are considered to be the top talent within their respective job family.
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