A Report on a Simulation on Important Political Issues of the Past and Present

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I represented Nouri Al-Maliki the prime minister of Iraq. The prime minister in Iraq makes the executive decisions. Over the course of this this simulation thankfully I gained a lot of knowledge of how crazy it can be on the political side of things. Not only did I learn about Iraq but also I learned many new things about other countries and the way their governments run things. In the next year or so I will graduate as a High school social studies teacher and after doing this simulation I learned how valuable it can be to allow students to be apart of a simulation. The simulation helped me catch up with a lot of important political issues of current and past times.
There are many issues that I didn’t expect my country to be facing when I started the simulation. When I chose Iraq I didn’t expect there to be numerous issues taking place. On main issue they are facing is the pouring in of Syrian opposition rebels into their country. They are affecting Iraq with a uprising of tension between Sunni and Shia Muslims in the region. During my simulation I came across a couple articles that talked about the Iraqi government blaming Saudi Arabia for motivating these terrorists from many regions and their own country to go into Syria, which is effecting me. So what I did is I talked to Saudi Arabia and we came to a deal that they will call all of their citizens back, thou they will continue to fund the rebels.
Another issue Iraq was facing was a speculation that they bought

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