A Review Of Different Elicitation Techniques

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A Review of Different Elicitation Techniques in Requirement Engineering
CECS 590
Requirement Engineering is the initial and crucial step in the Software Development. In the past few years Requirement Engineering phase has been given much of an importance, it basically refers to gathering of information from the client that is required for the development of the project. This phase is crucial as it forms the foundation of the project. The Requirement Engineering phase is broke down into three stages, Requirement Elicitation, Requirement Specification and Requirement validation.
This paper is going to discuss the various techniques that are generally practiced for Requirement Elicitation. The term Requirement Elicitation refers to gathering of information about the project from clients, users and other stake holders. It is quite a complicated process as the user never really knows what exactly he wants, the information cannot be collected just by asking different questions about the project. There are various techniques that are in practice for this purpose. Rest of this paper discusses about such techniques along with their pros and cons.
The data that is collected for this paper is obtained from various articles and research papers. Search Engines like and have been used for the searching purpose. The articles are selected based on the requirement i.e. the articles that
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