A Study On Chinese Schools

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CHINESE CRAM SCHOOLS Stress is something that everyone experiences. Pressure to excel at what you do, pressure to impress others, pressure to succeed in life: these are all stresses that we deal with on a daily basis. Our school-related stresses usually have to do with grades, our teachers, and our peers. But look halfway around the world, and you’ll find that our stresses seem miniscule compared to those of Chinese students. In an education system that bases admission to colleges off just one exam, it is no mystery why so many Chinese teens devote all their time to studying. The Gao Kao is the one test that determines the future of so many Chinese students. It is a 2-3 day long standardized test that is the climax of Chinese …show more content…

And for some, a 7am to 11pm school day with only a few breaks (usually spent studying or eating), isn’t enough. If they do not pass the Gao Kao and get accepted into university, their only option is manual labor. High schools students dedicate their entire lives to passing an immensely challenging exam. It’s so upsetting to hear about what these teens go through. Students who attend the Cram Schools usually are lower/middle class, and their parents have to invest in their children’s future by trying to pay for their tuition. This likely means working extra hours and living in tiny homes, in hope that their child will have a better life. The pressure put on Chinese students is almost unimaginable to us.


Elementary school in China is quite similar to how it is in America. School generally begins at 8, and ends around 3, with a break for lunch where students in most areas can go home for. Some Chinese elementary schools ends at 5, which is a very long day for these young kids to have. They learn how to speak Chinese, math, geography, and a little bit of natural sciences. Study of the English language usually begins in 3rd grade. There are also some special classes, such as music, painting, and gym. With middle school comes the beginning of test-prep. Middle schools generally run from 8-5, then have a break for dinner, and students return from 7-9

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