A Study on Skype as a VoIP Provider

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The Skype Abstract This study focused on the Skype as a VoIP provider in comparison with its competitors in the market. It further looked at the opportunity and threats of the firm and competition analysis. This paper also states the services which are being provided by its competitors. It discusses the threats and opportunity of these competitors and their prospect in the market compared with the Skype. In summary, it strengthens the market availability for the Skype and recommends necessary procedures to capitalized, which could help in increasing revenues. Introduction Skype is a Voice Over Internet Protocol Company, running an application called Skype for internet based communication. It was started by Niklas Zennstron and Janus Friis in 2008. However, In 2011 Microsoft Corporation bought it at a cost of $8.5 billion. It services are internet based such as video call, instant message, voice call, file transfer and video conference. The company has over six hundred and sixty three million registered users across the world as from September 2011. And, it's approximated that over the past few years the company has had between 640 to 839 employees (Taulii, Tom, 2010). Moreover, it allows users to communicate through voice, video and instant message over internet. The Skype calls can be placed to recipient on the traditional telephone network or any mobile phone at a cost. The cost is charged via a debit based on user's account system. However, calls to other
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