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Executive summary Name Course Institution Tutor Date Introduction The executive summary has the purpose of putting all the documents together while polishing the ideas to be discussed in the document wholly. The executive summary from any document also gives a brief summary and questions how specific numbers in the whole research document are derived. It also gives a brief overview of the whole research in question while giving the histories of the research in question. It is usually the first thing in a report after the content page is written in a report. In the executive summary too, the recommendations and conclusions are usually given which enables the reader to gain a full understanding of what the report is all about without having to skip all through the whole thing. Background The climatic changes which are considered globally have catered a lot in redefining policies. Most of the human activities usually produce a lot greenhouse gases, which include the carbon (IV) oxide. These gases usually accumulate in the atmosphere, creating an ozone layer which has a great impact on the climatic conditions of the earth. The size of those changes and damages in the atmosphere has remained very uncertain, but the estimate of the problems which are caused is very high. Re4ducing the green house effects is beneficial in the limitations on the degree of the damages which are caused by those gases in the atmosphere. Although it has benefits, it has costs which

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